10 Questions Girls Get Asked Once They Complete College (WHY?!)

10 Questions Girls Get Asked Once They Complete College (WHY?!)
You survived your annoying neighbour aunty and your distant relatives phone calls on the day of your board exam results to ask, ‘kitne aaye?’ But now it’s time to face such people again in your life! As soon as you finish college, such aunties and relatives will make their entry back into your lives and start hounding you with various questions. We have compiled a list of questions college graduates are often asked which will surely help you laugh in your head each time you are asked any of these!

1. ‘Ab kya socha hai?’

But abhi toh sochna band kiya hai! It’s probably been just a day since your college finished but people have already started asking you what you plan to do next.

1 finish college

2. ‘Kya?! Aap doctor ya engineer nahi ho?’

Oops, I forgot that being neither of these means I have wasted my education! And just in case, you have studied fashion or marketing, you have not been educated properly by their standards! Turn a deaf ear and move on, girls.

4. ‘But what will you do with this degree?’

Make paper planes, of course! *rolling eyes*

3 finish college

4. ‘You still look like you are in school!’

Ugh! Well, I won’t look so young and cute anymore when I do some bodily harm to you!

5. ‘Acha beta, ab job kaha karoge?’

Jaha bhi miljayega uncle. Why, are you hiring?!

5 finish college

6. ‘Do you know how well Sharma ji's daughter is doing in life?’

Um, I am still looking into that. Let me get back to you with her background check, yea?

7. ‘What is the salary package after this degree?’

Horrible! I might need an advance on my inheritance. While we're on the topic, what's your salary package uncle ji?

7 finish college

8. ‘Are you ready for the real world?’

Feel free to tell them that you thought you were already in the real world for the last 21 years but, of course, you can't be too sure now, can you?

9. ‘Toh beta, ab shaadi kab hain?’

Kabhi nahi? You might be only 21 years old but be prepared to be asked this question as soon as you finish college!

9 finish college

10. ‘MBA kab karna hai?’

No, I mean really, what is this obsession our society has with doing an MBA? We just cannot deal with it.

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