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Texting With The Guy You Like... This Video Is Just TOO Funny!

Pradipta Sarkar

Managing Editor, POPxo

You know that phase, when you’ve met someone you like, and you’re wondering how to start a conversation with him? And then your phone beeps and it’s a text from him! And then, of course, you want to be at your wittiest best to keep the conversation going and your flirtation game strong. It’s kinda the same with guys, too, you know. From figuring out the best emoji to send to finding a subtle way to ask the ‘Are you single?’ question, we’ve ALL been there. And here’s AIB, with Mallika Dua, bringing to you the funniest texting-your-crush video ever! Watch Jiah and Vishal’s unfolding textationship - and you’re going to be laughing long and hard all day long!
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Published on Nov 09, 2016
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