What Happened When My Brother Caught Me With My Boyfriend!

What Happened When My Brother Caught Me With My Boyfriend!
Do you know how difficult it is to ride pillion on a Royal Enfield Bullet while wearing a short skirt? I do… All thanks to my brother. It was no normal ride, his girlfriend was also sharing the not-so-spacious seating space on that bike. And, yes…this happened at 2 am on a Friday night.

That Friday night started on a rather promising note for me. One of the most talked about parties was taking place in our city and I was going there with Atul. We had just started dating and, in a way, this was the first time we were partying as a couple.

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Atul came to my office to pick me up and first we had a nice dinner. You know the awkwardness people feel during the initial days of dating? We were slowly getting over that phase. We had a good conversation over dinner and I was pretty excited about the party. My friends were joining us there too.

However, the party that we were so excited about turned out to be not so great. After an hour or so, we decided to go somewhere else. Atul, my friends and I ended up at one of my friend’s restaurant and that place was actually more fun than the party. Some of Atul’s friends, who were still at the party, called him up and he decided to pick them up so that they could join us as well.

He asked me if I would like to go with him and naturally my answer was yes - I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. When I think about it now, going with him back to the party venue was a big mistake.

Internal my brother saw me with my boyfriend

As Atul and I were walking towards the pub, I saw my cousin brother standing right outside the entrance. Thinking he hadn’t noticed me, I just walked past him, but before I could enter the pub I felt a hand grab my arm. It was my brother, he asked, “What are you doing here with that guy?”

I didn't know how to answer him, and Atul, who was walking ahead of me, didn’t notice all this for he was already inside the pub. My brother didn’t even wait for my answer, he just dragged me towards the parking lot saying, “I am taking you home.” I  mustered up some courage and said, “At least, let me tell him that I am leaving…” But he was in no mood to hear me.

Within minutes I was standing in the parking lot with my brother’s girlfriend who, for some reason, was really mad at him. As for me… I was feeling angry, embarrassed and sad. While the two of us waited he went to get his bike (oh, how I hate that bike) and thus the most uncomfortable ride of my life began.

Throughout that twenty minute ride home, my brother and his girlfriend kept shouting at each other (I never found out what they were fighting about) and I did my best to keep myself and my dignity intact by clutching to my brothers waist with both my arms. And guess what? My brother’s friend accompanied us on his own bike but neither me nor his girlfriend were allowed to ride with him.

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I somehow reached home and after dropping me, my brother and his girlfriend continued with their ride and their fight, eventually going out of sight. The first thing my mom said when she opened the door was, “Why are you two trying to wake up the whole neighbourhood? Why were you two shouting so much?” For a moment I felt like telling my mom that he was fighting with his girlfriend and not me. But then I had already had a rough night and was in no mood to entertain her questions. So I just made some silly excuse and went to bed.

Things never got serious between me and Atul and I never met my brother’s girlfriend again. He’s married to someone else now. While it was obviously not a pleasant experience, today, what happened that night makes me laugh. And yes, I learnt how to avoid bumping into my brother whenever I was on a date.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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