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10 Things That Don’t Matter When You’re Finding Your ‘Mr Right’

10 Things That Don’t Matter When You’re Finding Your ‘Mr Right’

When it comes to finding Mr Right, we always focus on what to look for in him. We have our checklists in place and he’s got to match it. Here’s presenting to you, a list of things NOT to look for in a guy, and be rest assured that you’ll have a happily ever after!

1. His height and weight

Too tall, slightly short, really heavy, very skinny…we’d say don’t cross someone off your list just because he's not the kind of person you imagined yourself with as far as his physique goes. Watch out for the kind of chemistry you both have instead. Haven’t we seen couples like Big B-Jaya, Farah Khan-Sirish Kunder, Tulip Joshi-Vinod Nair, Imran Khan-Avantikaa?
1 not to look for in a guy

2. His age

Ahh well, we all know age is just a number and a state of mind. He could be 10 years your senior or five year younger to you - if you share the same values and like each other - stay in it for good, we suggest. Also read: 10 Ways You Feel All “Grown Up” After Your Wedding!

3. If he lives with his family

These days we hear of more and more couples opting for nuclear families. However, if all else is good, this shouldn’t be your reason to call it off with someone. Living with in-laws has its own perks, ladies. 3 not to look for in a guy

4. Looks and appearance

Hate it when you see men with multiple tattoos? He is too formal for your taste? Eyebrows pierced…ewww? Trimmed beard…no way? Don't have any preconceived notions and let someone who looks different from your ‘ideal type of a guy’ influence your perception of a potential husband.

5. What others think

So you’ve appointed friends to spy on him on social media and asked family for their opinion? Good, it’s nice to know what others have to say about the man you may marry but don’t ever let that take precedence over your gut feeling. Unless of course, they find out something about him that you just cannot overlook! 5 not to look for in a guy

6. His business

To know what he does for a living is a good thing but as long as he’s doing well for himself and is driven enough to do well in his career, don’t let the numbers of his salary impact your decision.
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7. His bank account

That’s plain shallow. How much money he makes, what he’ll inherit, which car he drives… None of this should be a deal breaker. There are so many who aren’t millionaires but can truly keep you happy. 7 not to look for in a guy

8. Whether or not your interests match

He may be an athlete, while you love your fries; he may be a bathroom singer while you are a dance freak; he loves science fiction, you still haven’t graduated from Noddy. Think of it as to how you can open up to new experiences, and don’t disagree to explore.

9. Style factor

He may follow men’s fashion down to the smallest detail or the complete opposite - it shouldn’t matter. His style will always define him, not you or even you as a couple. So chill. 9 not to look for in a guy

10. His ex girlfriends

Oh, by the way, that guy with a clean slate - he doesn’t exist. So if at 25 or so, you are planning to be his first love – sorry to break your bubble but that position was probably taken when he was 13. Remember this rule - don’t strive to be a guy’s first love, make sure you are his last! GIFs: Giphy
Published on Oct 19, 2016
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