10 Things You'll Get If You've Gone House Hunting In A New City!

10 Things You'll Get If You've Gone House Hunting In A New City!
Moving to a new city can be pretty exciting, right?! But do you know what can be a pain in the ass? Finding a house. House hunting is undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable, long, tedious and time consuming tasks of all! No matter where you go, it often feels like all the livable houses of the city are either taken or you can imagine them laughing and jeering at you because you just cannot afford them! Here are a few things you will get if have ever tried to find a house on rent in a new city in India!

1. Forget shopping and watching movies, your weekends are reserved for house hunting!

Oh, and you only have to go look at, what, about a dozen houses a day?!

1 house hunting

2. You thank the universe for google maps!

Else God knows which international border you may have crossed by now!

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3. You're asked way too many personal questions! Especially, “Are you unmarried?”

And a lot of people saying they won’t rent you a house because you answered with a “yes” to the question above. At first you wonder why, and then it’s annoying AF!

3 house hunting

4. Who needs to hit the gym when all you do is walk, walk and walk some more…

And also climb, climb and climb some more. Because people believe in having 5 storey buildings but do not believe in having lifts!

5. The roads and the lanes are SO confusing!

Lanes within lanes within lanes! You have no clue as to how people find their way out of this maze of galis! But then, by the end of it all, you know the city a little better!

5 house hunting

6. You end up paying too much to the autowala, just because you had no idea how close your destination was!

Some of them are nice to you, but most of them will just take you for a ride...literally!

7. You will without a doubt come across that one house, that is perfectly dreamy and equally unattainable!

You may have to save up all your salary for an year to be able to live in that particular house. Also, you may have to rob a bank.

7 house hunting

8. You have at least a dozen contacts in your phone that start with “Flat”, “PG” or “Broker”

Yes, you have way too many of those… And it's kind of sad how often they appear in your recent calls.

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9. You know you have been house hunting too much when you type “F” into your browser and instead of auto suggesting Facebook, you get “Flats in <name of the place>"

This is an indication that you may want to pick one already and stop the madness!

9 house hunting

10. You get weird “Good morning” and “Goodnight” and philosophical messages from your broker!

No seriously, what is up with those? Are we still in 2006?

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