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11 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

11 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sister Is Your Best Friend
For each and every one of you out there who has a truly special bond with their sister, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about when we say we're the luckiest people of all. A person who is a permanent feature in your life since birth, someone who has seen you through every phase of your life, a friend with whom you have grown up to become the individual you are now - a sister plays a huge role in your life! Here are a few things you’ll totally get if your sister is your best friend!

1. You’ve known everything about each other since you were kids.

From your little pet peeves to your most favourite things, you know all these tiny details about each other.

1 sister is your best friend

2. You’ve always got the right kind of company for any sort of an occasion.

At long family gatherings, during your night-outs and the times when you had to go shopping… Your sister has always been there by your side to make life more interesting.

3. Your closet is doubled.

You’ve borrowed so many of her things that you’ve lost count of things you’ve to return.

3 sister is your best friend

4. You’re the first one to go save her from a sticky situation!

Taking permissions from parents to go out or saving them from an awkward conversation, you are like her personal, walking-talking first-aid box.

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5. You are super honest with each other...

The most important thing in an amazing relationship is honesty, and you’ve got that covered. It’s hard to lie when you live, breathe and sleep next to each other.

5 sister is your best friend

6. Your internal jokes and language are impossible for a third person to decipher.

You’ve got too many back stories behind everything and almost understand each other with just a nod and a twitch of an eye.

7. You can be as weird as you want with each other without being too judgmental.

It’s hard to judge someone when you’ve practically been living with that person day and night for most of your life, isn’t it?

7 sister is your best friend

8. Your first likes, comments and posts are from each other.

Your love on social media is displayed for everyone to see. There is no cap to that! And there is no shame - even when she wishes there was!  

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9. You are the first one to know about any issues she might face.

From family arguments to breakups to any other negative feelings that she might be going through - you know it all. You are each other’s confidantes and have each other’s back, always!

9 sister is your best friend

10. You like to hang out because you have similar tastes.

Growing up together in a similar environment and hanging out all the time have made you two a bit too alike - you like the same music, movies… And also the same clothes when you go shopping!

11. You are permanent friends for life!

Besides all the other friends you make throughout, having a sister as a best friend is like a lifelong friendship that shall always be cherished and one of the *most* special relationships you’ll ever have!

11 sister is your best friend

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