11 Ways To Watch Your Weight While Popping Those Laddoos!

11 Ways To Watch Your Weight While Popping Those Laddoos!
The festive season is just around the corner and the vibe and energy around us is very real, isn’t it? Along with popping the ladoos, we are also on the lookout for some weight maintenance tips to get through the festive season without gaining too much. No Indian festival is ever complete without mithai, and there’s no reason you should be missing out on it. And just so you don't have to google “weight loss” as soon as the festivities are done, here are some genius ways to keep your weight in check!

1. Never arrive starved!

Don’t miss that Diwali party, but not eating anything all day long so you can eat at the party isn’t a great idea, ladies. To keep your weight in check, all you need to do is maintain a regular diet and eat a small portion of a healthy snack before heading to the party. You won't feel as urged to consume all the high calorie foods you're presented with but still have enough room to sample the things you like.

1 weight maintenance tips

2. Don’t sneak a snack!

Remember that time you were passing by the dining table, and sneaked half a ladoo from the box? Well, let’s not do that. You tend to subconsciously forget or ignore things you sneaked into your mouth, and you will eventually lose track of how much you've had!

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3. Be miss choosy pants!

When you have too many options, don’t aim to “taste” every single one of them. Instead, choose your favourites and eat just those. Having seconds of a few selected dishes is better than eating one of everything!

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4. Count your ladoos!

Watching your weight is often just a matter of keeping a count. We are not asking you to not to eat them, but just keep a count. You will realize that if you know how much you’ve had, you will automatically feel less inclined to having too many.

5. Ditch the bottle, date the glass!

Drinking has as much to do with weight as food, if not more. Beer for one is a very convenient but calorie filled drink. So instead of gulping your drinks from the bottle, pour yourself a glass and sip on it easily!

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6. “Run” small errands...literally!

Instead of hopping into your car for every small errand, try walking if it’s not too far. If you have company, then it’s even better! This won’t seem like such a big task and yet will give your metabolism the kick it requires - especially during this time!

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7. Dance pe chance!

Not that you need another reason to dance, but let’s just say, you can literally dance off that festival weight even before gaining it. Spend as much time on the dance floor as the food stall and you're sorted!

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8. Pick the little plate!

Sounds easy? It is! Instead of loading a big plate with all it can hold, take a smaller one, and put on it your favourite dishes. This way, a second round won’t hurt because your portions are smaller!

9. Stock up on the gum!

Sometimes, we have this urge to put something in our mouth because, hello?! SO much food all around! So pop a chewing gum! This comes in super handy when you are just lusting after the yummy-smelling food but actually feeling quite full already.

9 weight maintenance tips

10. Cave in to the craving!

If you are craving some mithai - go have a piece! It is the festive season after all! Plus, if you do not satiate your craving, it will only grow to a point where you will gulp down more of anything and everything than you really want to. And you really don't want to deal with the tummy ache that'll follow when you sit down for the taash party, do you?!

11. Guzzle your water!

Aside from having to run to the washroom a couple of extra times, this tip has no repercussions whatsoever! Water subsides your craving for sugar and also gives your metabolism a boost. So always, always have enough water to drink!

11 weight maintenance tips

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