7 Ways To Rock The ‘Sindoor Look’ Even After The Wedding!

7 Ways To Rock The ‘Sindoor Look’ Even After The Wedding!
Who isn’t familiar with this dialogue – “suhaagan ke sar ka taj hota hai, ek chutki sindoor!”? Sindoor has been part of our tradition since eons, and looks fab if we do it right. Think Bipasha Basu just after she got married, or the many ladies who don this red powder on the day of karva chauth. To all the soon-to-be brides, here are 7 ways to wear sindoor the right way and look like a newlywed fashionista.

1. Where should you wear it?

Hair parted at the centre with one long line of sindoor or just a dot on your hairline, or your hair with a side parting and a touch of vermillion in the centre is pretty and classic. The colour adds a beautiful traditional touch to your look, doesn’t it, ladies? Put on some fiery red lipstick and watch your face light up!

1 wear sindoor

2. Shades of sindoor

There are mainly three different shades of sindoor. One is the deeper, maroon-ish red which looks very good on those with a dusky complexion. Second is the bright, blood red that looks gorge on those who have a light/ fair complexion. Third would be a bright orange which isn’t a very common choice, but wear that with the right kind of makeup and hairdo and your look won’t go unnoticed, we say. A smokey eye, with deep tangerine lips, peach blush and orange sindoor will look fab, ladies.

3. Pair the right bindi

Many use elaborate, stone-studded bindis and sindoor, but if you ask us, that can end up looking a bit gaudy in some cases. Wear a plain, solid coloured, round bindi - it’s simple and looks gorgeous. Red sindoor with a black or red or even a plain pink bindi will make you look simple and oh-so elegant!

3 wear sindoor

4. Accessorize that sindoor, ladies

And if you must add some bling to your sindoor look for a festive occasion, here’s how to do it. Use small, single white stone bindis - either make a border with them around the sindoor on your hairline (in a V-shape) or just place one or two together at the tip, where the sindoor ends on your forehead. In this case, don’t wear another bindi between your eyebrows - that might look a bit OTT.

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5. Get the application perfect

If you’re from the perfectionists category, use a metal stick to apply your sindoor. Using your fingers can make the line a tad bit uneven and rough on the edges. The stick will ensure it isn’t too thick a line and is as subtle as you want it to be.

5 wear sindoor

6. Make sure it doesn’t trickle

One little trick to ensure that the powder doesn’t fly and settle on your nose or on any other part of your face - add 1-2 drops of water to the sindoor, just enough so it isn’t too powdery. It’s easier to handle and apply once it’s slightly moist. Thank us later, ladies.

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7. Removing it well

The colour of the sindoor can be a bit dense and difficult to remove from your scalp after a long day of having it on. After you wipe it clean with a dry cloth, use damp cotton to rub off the remains. If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll just have to shampoo that part of your hair. Beauty comes at a price, after all.

7 wear sindoor

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