The Cutest Ways To Tell Your Hubby He’s About To Be A Daddy!

The Cutest Ways To Tell Your Hubby He’s About To Be A Daddy!
You’re preggers…yayyyy! Congratulations! Your whole life is going to turn around. More on that later, but first off, don’t waste such great news by just telling your husband plainly that – ‘I am pregnant.’ We’ll tell you how to make it uber cute so that you make it a moment to remember. You’ll thank us when you are 80 and telling your great grandkids about this! Here are 10 adorable ways to tell your husband he is going to be a dad!

1. Print it at the bottom of a cup

Get the words ‘I am pregnant’ printed at the bottom of a cup. Make him a nice cup of tea, sit down and enjoy the cuppa. When he is at the last sip, ask him to check the message at the bottom.

2. Get a customized tee for him

While you are at the printers – print ‘Dad-to-be’ on a plain t-shirt, pack it in a box and give it to him. The plus point - he can sport it any time in the coming months.

3. Noted

Put the pregnancy result test kit in a pouch or a wrapped box and put a note on it saying, ‘Made with love’. Give it to him when he returns home and watch the surprised look on his face.

3 tell your husband he is going to be a dad

4. Word it right

If he loves scrabble, spell it out while playing the board game. Make it fun.

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5. Dinner date

Make him dinner with baby food – baby corn, baby carrots, small florets of broccoli and cauliflower. Desserts can be dainties of cupcakes and lemon tarts. At first, your hubby might be confused, but sooner or later he will get the message. *Wink*

6. On a sweet note

Get custom-made cupcakes with baby shower themes for dinner. The icing on the cake could be feeding bottles, nappy pins and diapers – welcome to the sweet world, hun!

6 tell your husband he is going to be a dad

7. Dress up

Put on a sassy, sexy ‘preggers’ or ‘mommy-to-be’ t-shirt and be casual about it. Then see how long it takes for him to notice.

8. Chocolicious

Get your local chocolatier to make chocolates of letters ‘D-A-D-T-O- B-E’ and put it in a box. Can’t get sweeter than this!

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9. Get caked

First get two big cakes, then slide in a small one. Put a note on it saying ‘Because 1+1 = 3’.

9 tell your husband he is going to be a dad

10. Daddy literature

Order ‘What to expect when you are a dad-to-be’ kind of books online and have them couriered to him. It’s surely going to surprise him and this way he will also have enough to read in the coming nine months.

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