To Save Or Splurge? Here’s How To Make The BEST Fashion Choice!

To Save Or Splurge? Here’s How To Make The BEST Fashion Choice!
Do you often find yourself stretching your fashion budget? Have you got plenty of clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn more than once or twice? Ladies, we help you invest in your style wisely by telling you the wardrobe essentials worth investing in and what you can get away with buying for much less. Read on to shop smart and put together a wardrobe that is perfectly balanced with pieces worth the extra cash and items that you can totally save on.

1. Save: Colourful, Pretty Flats

Sure, you’ll wear them A LOT, that’s why you shouldn’t splurge too much on a pair of flats because of all the wear and tear you’ll put them through. This way, you won’t feel bad when they start looking shabby.

POPxo Recommends: Embellished Pointy Toe Flat Shoes (Rs 850)

2. Splurge: Neutral Heels

2 wardrobe essentials

Leather pumps are classics that you can slip into to instantly add a dressy and sophisticated edge to anything you wear. Plus, they work for the office as well as a night out. Invest in a designer, genuine-leather pair that will be comfier for your feet and will last you forever.

POPxo Recommends: Aldo Badollan Black Ankle Strap Stilettos (Rs 8990)

3. Save: Basic Tees

Cotton tees are a staple that you can throw on while going out to buy groceries or even pair with dressy skirts or trousers. You wear them a lot, which means that they get washed a lot. Basically you can settle for much cheaper options that shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred rupees since their shelf life isn’t too long.

POPxo Recommends: White Striped Round Neck T-Shirt (Rs 400) 

4. Splurge: Trusty Jeans

4 wardrobe essentials

Denims in classic cuts are a super investment. Splurge on a few pairs in different shades of denim that fit you well and work for your body shape. Jeans are something that you can wear every day and dress up or down, and quality really makes a huge difference. Since they don’t need to be washed very often, a good quality pair can last for years and years.  

POPxo Recommends: Levi’s Slim Fit Low Rise Jeans (Rs 2599)

5. Save: Clutch Bags

Small evening bags and clutch styles are always changing in terms of fabrics, patterns, embellishments, shapes, etc. It makes sense to go the cheaper route for them because they may not last for very long. Look for one in a neutral colour with minimal embellishments and accents so that it can last you for longer than a season.

POPxo Recommends: Maroon Leather Clutch (Rs 749)

6. Splurge: The Tote Bag

6 wardrobe essentials

Totes are functional, fashionable and timeless. Invest in a chic carryall that you can carry your world in and be assured that it will never go out of style. It’s a staple for every girl so save up for a pretty, leather one and it will last you forever.

POPxo Recommends: Zara Metallic Detail Shoulder Bag (Rs 3,990)

7. Save: Formal Blouses

Since you’re going to be changing things up with each passing trend, it’s more cost-effective to spend less on pretty, formal tops and blouses. From peplums to lace, stock up on trends but for less.

POPxo Recommends: Ajio Layered Swing Top (Rs 799)

8. Splurge: The Formal Blazer/ Jacket

8 wardrobe essentials

An incredible fit, the way it gives you a sophisticated and polished air and the amount of times you’ll wear it – for interviews, dinners and important meetings... It all compensates for a higher price tag. Plus, anything that instantly makes you feel like a #GirlBoss is worth splurging on.

POPxo Recommends: Tom Tailor Multicoloured Printed Blazer (Rs 4,000)

9. Save: Statement Jewellery

Of course fine jewellery is a whole other category, but for bringing some glam and zing to your everyday style, costume jewellery is what you should be gravitating to. From stacked bangles to dramatic necklaces and sparkly danglers, the choices are endless at very affordable prices while providing oodles of style. Load up on them and save your money for some real diamond baubles.

POPxo Recommends: Style Fiesta Link Chain Bangles & Bracelet (Rs 499)

10. Splurge: Bras!

10 wardrobe essentials

We’ve told you before and we’ll say it again, don’t scrimp on your innerwear, particularly when it comes to providing support to your girls and making them look incredible. An ill-fitted bra or bras that stop giving as much support after a few washes can seriously ruin your overall look. Make sure to get fitted and opt for great quality in colours that you can wear under most outfits and seamless fabrics for a smooth silhouette. They literally are the foundation of your outfit and style and you will wear them more than any of your other wardrobe essentials.

POPxo Recommends: Marks  & Spencer Full Coverage T Shirt Bra (Rs 2,299)

And that is how you spend your money wisely for the perfect wardrobe!

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