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What Is Vanilla Sex? Here's Why You Need To Have More Of It!

What Is Vanilla Sex? Here's Why You Need To Have More Of It!

Ever came across the phrase ‘vanilla sex’ and wondered what it means? No, it doesn’t mean slopping vanilla ice cream on your partner while having sex. Vanilla sex is used to refer to simple sex. Yes, you read that right. Plain, normal sex minus any kind of kinkiness. You ask why this is important? In a world where we find ourselves reading tons of articles daily on how to make sex hotter, tips on making it more kinky, sexperiments, sex toys, etc we have forgotten the bliss of a nice clean session of simple sex.
We are all up for experimenting when it comes to sex but let’s not allow the peer pressure to take over and look down on vanilla sex as something only the inexperienced go for. Here are 11 reasons why vanilla sex is still, probably, the best way to go about it!

1. It’s easy

There, we said it. Vanilla sex is easy. You don’t have to think multiple times before giving it a shot. You know how to do it and it doesn’t require way too many efforts (unlike kinky sex) which is a huge plus!

2. You’re in your comfort zone

This is something you feel comfortable doing. While stepping out of your comfort zone once in awhile is healthy, it can be quite taxing to do it everyday. Luckily, you have the smooth vanilla sex to help you out on those days. 2 vanilla sex

3. It can be done right there on your comfy bed

You don’t need to think of a cool and exciting place to do it, you don't need to worry about someone walking in on you… You can do it in the comforts of your own room.

4. It lets you focus on the big ‘O’

While having kinky sex, there are a lot of things you need to consider and divert your attention to - the prop you might be using, how is it working out for your partner, how is it working out for you, does it need to be longer, shorter, softer or harder? Well, guess what? Vanilla sex lets you focus on the one thing that matters the most - orgasms.
4 vanilla sex

5. There is no pressure!

Like, none, zilch. It’s all just about enjoying the moment and continuing to do what you are doing until one or both of you reach the climax. Simple enough, right? Also read: 11 ‘First Times’ To Treasure With Your Guy (Other Than Sex!)

6. It’s more than just missionary

Yes, if you think vanilla sex is just one specific position, you’re wrong. Vanilla sex can be hot too with different kinds of positions which last all night long. The only thing about vanilla sex is that it does not involve anything kinky, fetish or risque. 6 vanilla sex

7. There are no ground rules required!

Of course, when you are trying something kinky there have to be a set of rules that you and your partner need to follow. For the simple reason that kinky sex can turn very risky sometimes and we wouldn’t want something bad to happen, right? Vanilla sex, on the other hand, requires no ground rules. It’s so simple and natural that rules can easily be thrown out the window!

8. It helps you increase your confidence

If you are one of the many people who have once in their lifetime doubted their capabilities in bed then vanilla sex would be your ultimate confidence booster! You will walk out the room feeling like the sexy seductress that you are! And it'll help you get to know your own body better too. *Wink*
8 vanilla sex

9. It’s totally inexpensive!

Sex toys, scented candles, specialty oils… You know what all these have in common? A big price tag! Kinky supplies are expensive, you guys…or, at least, those of good quality are. Vanilla sex frees you from any such pre-requisites. You have sex and you save money, win-win! Also read: 10 Sex Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!

10. It gets your basics clear

Before the kinkiness can enter the picture, you need to sort out your basics. Unless you have the foundation right, there is no way you will be able to enter the world of kinky with finesse. 10 vanilla sex

11. You have time to truly connect with your partner

When you don’t have to think of new things to do and go through the whole process, guess what you’re left with? A lot of cuddle time! Which you can use to truly connect with your partner! Images: Tumblr, GiphyShutterstock
Published on Oct 27, 2016
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