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13 #SingleBecause Tweets That Are Just. So. TRUE!!

13 #SingleBecause Tweets That Are Just. So. TRUE!!
Being single can be tough, right? No matter how many life quotes we read to keep ourselves motivated, some days are just rough! What with all the love floating around the streets... Worry not, all you single ladies, here are 13 hilarious #SingleBecause tweets that prove why the single life is actually a great choice!

1. Survival comes first!

1 Being single

Source: Mrs. Officer on Twitter

2. Pizza is life. Life is pizza.

2 Being single

Source: Laurel Dees on Twitter

3. Simple logic, to be honest.

3 Being single

Source: Behlul on Twitter

4. At least our phones are up-to-date!

4 Being single

Source: Owen on Twitter

5. I’m sexy and I know it!

5 Being single

Source: Girl Problems on Twitter

6. Hope makes the world go round, am I right?

6 Being single

Source: Spencer Etzel on Twitter

7. We’re self-sufficient independent women, thankyouverymuch!

7 Being single

Source: Mia Valdez on Twitter

8. Wise words from the professor himself!

8 single

Source: Professor Snape on Twitter

9. Umm...awkward but true. (Shh!)

9 single

Source: Single Because on Twitter

10. Gotta catch ‘em all!

10 single

Source: Skypie on Twitter

11. Double tappin’ them burgers, BRB!

11 single

Source: Single Because on Twitter

12. Get outta my way! Gossip girl is on!

12 single

Source: Hanna Flint on Twitter

13. Whoopsie!

13 single

Source: M on Twitter

Aren't these totally relatable, girls?!