13 Little Things Long Lasting Couples Always Do!

13 Little Things Long Lasting Couples Always Do!
No couple is perfect; rather it is the traits they adopt and the little things they do for each other that make them perfect for each other. A happy and perfect relationship is two imperfect people who learn to love each other’s differences and work together to create a beautiful bond with each other. So here are some amazing traits most long lasting couples have in common!

1. They don't have many silly and immature habits

Maturity is something that comes with age and experience. But when you are in a long term relationship and when you want to take it to the next level, you both grow up together and face the ups and downs of life together. Since you both see yourselves spending your lives together, you don’t resort to silly and immature habits which would affect your relationship - in the long or short run.

1 traits of a long lasting relationship

2. They don't make a fuss about PDA

You both don’t need social media to express your love for each other. You both know what you mean to each other and don’t need the world to know the same. Holding each other's hand everyday means more to you than sharing your anniversary post on Facebook!

3. They give each other space

Yes, spending time together in a relationship is extremely important but at the same time, it is also important to give space to each other. You both have your personal time and also encourage each other to have night outs with your respective set of friends.

3 traits of a long lasting relationship

4. They never talk behind each other's back

If you have a problem with your partner, you choose to express yourself to them and let them know what the issue is. You would never talk behind your partner’s back and make your personal life public. Even when you both are furious with each other, you would always sort out your problems in private and never let the world know about it.

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5. They love their partner's family equally

You both would never differentiate between each other’s families. You would love and respect each other’s families just like you love your own family - and you're always there for them in times of need.

5 traits of a long lasting relationship

6. They don’t want to change each other

A mature couple would never try to change their partner as a person. You both fell in love with each other for who you both really are. You understand that nobody is perfect but still you've found that one person perfect for you. For both of you, having each other by your side is life’s biggest blessing!

7. They take care of each other

You both don’t only take care of each other by having each other’s back, but you both are also there for each other in health and in sickness. You never even mind playing baby sitter each time the other is sick!

7 traits of a long lasting relationship

8. They never hold grudges

Yes, it is normal for every couple to fight. But you both never hold grudges with each other and sleep angry on a fight. You both make sure to sort out the problem before sleeping and once the problem is solved, you both make sure to forget it and never bring it up again to taunt each other. You forgive and forget!

9. They eat together

If you both are married, you both make it a point to have at least one meal together. If you're not, you make sure to have a weekly dinner date, just the two of you. This is the time dedicated for the two of you to discuss how your day/ week was, any important decisions you need help making...and a little bit of romance.

9 traits of a long lasting relationship

10. They're grateful to have each other

You both can never thank god enough for bringing both of you together. You always make sure to let each other know how lucky you are to have them in your life and how you cannot even begin to imagine what life would be like without them.

11. They feel secure around each other

Not only do you feel secure when the other is around you, you have also entered a secure phase in your relationship wherein insecurities and jealousies have no place. You both trust each other like crazy and provide each other with a sense of security to plan a future together.

11 traits of a long lasting relationship

12. They understand each other

You both don’t need to let each other know certain things. You just know when he is hungry, when he has had a bad day at work or when he is upset. And he knows when you are PMSing or when you just need his shoulder to crib about life and work.

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13. They never miss an opportunity to say "I Love You"

You both don’t need a reason to let each other know how much you love them. You can just pick up the phone, tell them these three words whenever you feel like it - these words sum up exactly what you feel for them!

13 traits of a long lasting relationship

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