tops you can wear as saree blouses

15 Super Pretty Tops You Can Also Wear As A Saree Blouse!

Somya Suresh

Guest Contributor

A blouse is an essential part of what makes the saree the most versatile garment ever made. But it’s also the reason why a lot of women don’t wear the saree to work! The traditional blouse might feel uncomfortable to some, and also a bit restricting in terms of the silhouette. But fashion never follows the rules, and so you shouldn't either! Here are 15 pretty tops you can wear as saree blouses to be comfortable and look glam and gorgeous - all at once!

1. Cut On The Side!

1 tops you can wear as saree blouses

This cotton jersey material tank top is equal parts sexy and comfortable. It looks really pretty, and those cut-outs on the side will make sure you look hot when you’re wearing it as a blouse.

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

2. Show Some Sexy Back!

2 tops you can wear as saree blouses

If you’re not a fan of showing your tummy and want something a bit more covered, this might be the best option. Full sleeved, no tummy show, but still very sexy to garner some attention. Win win, we say!

Price: Rs 895. Buy it here.

3. Lacey Delite!

3 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Lace tops always have this girly, flirty side to them that you cannot miss, ever. This blue top has a zipper on the front and lace sleeves that make this a super cute pick!

Price: Rs 298. Buy it here.

4. Bardot And Velvet!

4 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Velvet is the new ‘in’ fabric that’s not just having its moment in western wear but Indian designers are experimenting with it just as much. What more than to pair your saree with this bardot off-shoulder deep blue top? It will make for a killer combo!

Price: Rs 950. Buy it here.

5. A Dash Of Quirk!

5 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Well, who doesn’t like to add a dash of quirk to their sarees? We sure do! This printed top, if worn as a blouse, will definitely set you apart from the crowd and will enhance the quirk factor of your outfit in a jiffy!

Price: Rs 1,495. Buy it here.

6. Scalloped Edges!

6 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Feminine, girly and for the petite girl! This strappy, scalloped edge top can be easily worn with a saree of any colour. Tip: You can wear a chiffon saree in peachy, coral colours to make a totally winning combination!

Price: Rs 1,595. Buy it here.

7. Black And Gold!

7 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Move over structured and fitted silhouettes because it’s time to make a statement with this rich black and golden top that’s just right to make all your Indian wear dreams to come true!

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

8. Floralista Off Shoulder

8 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Off-shoulders are in, no doubt. But what makes this top extra special is its duality. It’s black, it’s a crop top and it’s floral. You can pair it with so many colours, and drape your saree around this in so many ways!

Price: Rs 549. Buy it here.

9. One Sided Affair!

9 tops you can wear as saree blouses

One shoulder tops are hard to pull off with jeans and other western wear separates. But if you ever think about it, they make for such a perfect, almost tailor-made blouse. Easy to slip into, a comfortable amount of skin show and girly as hell!

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here.

10. Chevron Stripes!

10 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Colourful chevron stripes are something that makes everything look so much brighter and more beautiful! This chevron striped top is so perfect, it can make any of your plain sarees come alive.

Price: Rs 800. Buy it here.

11. Collared Cut!

11 tops you can wear as saree blouses

This shirt is for all of you who love your formal wear a little too much. Who says you can’t wear shirts as blouses? A little inspiration from traditional Indian women from Rajasthan mixed with the right amount of contemporary slang makes this a sure shot winner!

Price: Rs 349. Buy it here.

12. Peplum Surprise!

12 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Yes! You can pair your saree with a peplum top as well and you can make it look hot too. Just drape your saree a little bit more cleverly. We suggest you try the dhoti-style drape or maybe even the wrap-around style to bring out the best of both.

Price: Rs 1,650. Buy it here.

13. White Strappy!

13 tops you can wear as saree blouses

This pretty white top is everything! The neckline is so delicate that it negates the possibility of it needing any jewellery. The cut and shape of this top is just like a blouse and there’s no reason why you can’t flaunt it!

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

14. Sequin Shine!

14 tops you can wear as saree blouses

This type of a top can be worked up if you’re planning to try a fusion wear look. Add a choker, wrap your saree pallu around your neck and totally rock this sequinned top!

Price: Rs 1,799. Buy it here.

15. Pink Embellished Flush!

15 tops you can wear as saree blouses

Stealth glamour is a thing, you know? Just wear this with a pearly white saree or a pastel yellow saree that will look rather beautiful!

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.

Re-wear, re-style and re-glam yourself with these pretty tops!

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Published on Oct 19, 2016
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