10 Genius Tips For Booking Your Honeymoon Tickets!

10 Genius Tips For Booking Your Honeymoon Tickets!
Your honeymoon is your first vacation as husband and wife, and you both want to make sure that it is going to be the best one ever! We know how difficult it can be to do the honeymoon planning along with all the wedding planning. So we give you a few tips on making your honeymoon bookings to make sure your dream vacation goes perfectly!

1. Early bird gets the worm

Your wedding will most likely be in the busy wedding months and so it is advisable to book your honeymoon tickets on time. Once the wedding date is finalised, sit with your fiancé and discuss where you both would want to go. Do not make any last minute bookings as all air fares will only increase with time. This could also mean that you both might end up not being able to go to the dream destination you had shortlisted.

2. It is YOUR honeymoon

Do not just book tickets for a place just because your friend or your cousin went there and you loved the place in their pictures or how they gushed about it. Choose a place which you both really want to visit with each other.

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3. Do your research thoroughly

Don’t book your honeymoon tickets without doing any research. Use multiple resources when searching for your honeymoon destination. Make sure the websites you are checking have updated information and do not have outdated and incorrect information. Also, do not get fooled by the pictures you see of a particular resort on their website, do your homework well. Read customer reviews and photos.

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4. Set a budget

Do not go overboard when making your honeymoon bookings. Talk to your fiancé and set a budget for your travel, stay and shopping. Airline fares play a significant role in budget planning as well. Don’t forget to use your mileage points if you have collected any over the years.

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5. Keep your flying time in mind

If you are short on time for the honeymoon, don’t fly countless hours to get to a destination far away. Take a short trip and save money for an elaborate one in the near future - a second honeymoon!

6. Check the baggage allowance

You are going for your dream holiday and you want to carry the bikini for which you’ve spent hours at the gym and that sexy gown for your romantic dinners! In all this excitement of carrying all your clothes, footwear and accessories, don’t forget that every airline has a baggage allowance. You don’t want to start your trip paying for extra baggage, right? Plus leave some space for the shopping too. *wink*

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7. What about domestic bookings?

You will obviously be taking domestic flights within the country you’re visiting. Don’t forget to make these bookings well in time too.

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8. Don’t leave too soon after the wedding

It looks awesome in movies - the couple leaving directly for the airport from their reception. Although in reality, things are different. Give yourself a breather for a day or two, regain your energy and rest it out before you fly out for your honeymoon.

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9. Check the refund policy

Check whether the tickets booked are refundable or not, or whether you are allowed to change your flying dates. This can save you tons of money just in case you need to change your flying dates or time, ladies.

10. Don’t forget to be a “Mrs” on your ticket

It is your first trip as a wife! Don’t forget to have the “Mrs” tag on you! *wink*

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