12 Thoughts A Groom Has When He Sees His Bride At The Mandap!

12 Thoughts A Groom Has When He Sees His Bride At The Mandap!
We tend to make weddings all about the bride – her emotions, her feelings, her thoughts, and her big day! But have you ever wondered what must go on inside the groom’s head? Like, what is he thinking when he first lays eyes on his wife-to-be? We think the following thoughts pretty much sum it up!

1. “Here she comes!”

*Heart beating fast*

2. “She looks so radiant”

“Yep, never described her that way before.”

2 thoughts grooms have

3. “I’m a super lucky guy”

“I really am.” *Touch wood*

4. “Waise, I’m not too shabby either”

“True story, na?”

4 thoughts grooms have

5. “But nothing compared to her”

“She wins, hands down!”

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6. “I can’t take my eyes off her face”

“I wonder if she knows that.”

6 thoughts grooms have

7. “As her soon-to-be husband, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to stare.”

Licensed for life!

8. “OMG, she’s about to become my wife!!”

“I hope people can’t tell that I’m blushing.”

8 thoughts grooms have

9. “I wonder if she too has butterflies in her stomach”

“It’s like a butterfly garden in mine!”

10. “She looks so calm and composed though”

“I’m sure she’ll tell me what was running through her mind, later.”

10 thoughts grooms have

11. “All eyes are on her, and I don’t blame a soul”

“She’s the prettiest bride EVER!”

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12. “Guess what, world? I get to go home and spend the rest of forever with this one!”

“And I can’t friggin’ wait!”

12 thoughts grooms have

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