going down on a guy

25 Thoughts A Girl Has When She Goes Down On A Guy!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Ever get a panic-attack when your guy asks you to go ‘down’ on him? Yes, as in, perform oral sex? Yes? Well, then you are not alone! We’ve all been in that situation when we are freaking out inside but completely (or kind of) calm on the outside. In our minds there is a storm of thoughts whirling throughout... It’s a wonder we pull it off the way we do! Here are 25 thoughts every girl has when she is going down on a guy!

1. C’mon! You can do it! You can do it!

2. Nope, can’t back out now! He's so excited already!

2 going down on a guy

3. Just remember what you read in that article last week...

4. Oh damn, I can’t breathe through my mouth!

4 going down on a guy

5. What am I supposed to do with the...other parts?

6. I wonder how I look right now…

6 going down on a guy

7. Should I bat my eyelids? Will that look sexy or just weird?

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8. What’s with this noise he's making? Is it good or bad?

8 going down on a guy

9. Did that magazine say to use teeth or not use teeth?

10. Oops! That sounded like it hurt! Keeping teeth away now!

10 going down on a guy

11. Hmm. It’s not all that bad! Kind of nice and soft...

12. Ugh, my hair! Why can't it stay in one place!!

12 going down on a guy

13. How long does this generally go on for? Should I ask him?

14. Is he going to kiss me after this?

14 going down on a guy

15. Okay, now my jaw is starting to hurt!

16. What do I do with my hands?!

16 going down on a guy

17. This makes me feel kinda sexy actually! Just look at his face!

18. But now my knees hurt… Ouch, ouch, ouch!

18 going down on a guy

19. So… Would now be the right time to take a break? No? Okay...

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20. I wonder if it’s my turn after this though? *Excited*

20 going down on a guy

21. Oooh. He likes that!

22. Hey, making eye contact is HOT from this angle!

22 going down on a guy

23. Oh no! I hope he didn’t notice me gagging!

24. Okay, it’s climax time! Should I? Should I not?

24 going down on a guy

25. You are one naughty, sexy woman! *Self-five*

Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock
Published on Oct 19, 2016
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