10 Thoughts A Newlywed Has On Her First Diwali Away From Home!

10 Thoughts A Newlywed Has On Her First Diwali Away From Home!
The first year of being married is filled with bittersweet moments. There’s such a profound happiness and joy in embracing a new life with your new family yet there’s a familiar emptiness about not being with your own parents and siblings. Here are some things every new bride thinks on her first ever Diwali away from home!

1. ‘I miss my parents!’

‘Today more than ever, I feel like waking up to the familiar sound of their beautiful voices’.

2. ‘I wonder who ma scolded about ‘Diwali ki safai’ in my messy room’.

‘I even miss that familiar threat about Lakshmi ji not blessing our home, thanks to my mess!’

2 diwali away from home

3. ‘Some of these new traditions are fun, I have to admit’.

‘Now only if my folks could be here to experience them with me!’

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4. ‘I’m officially in charge of diyas and rangoli here too!’

‘Chalo, good that some things don’t change.’

4 diwali away from home

5. ‘I wonder if I can start eating mithai since morning the way I used to at home?’

‘Hmmm, I’m just going to go for it. This new bride comes with a sweet tooth – it’s a package deal, you see!’

6. ‘I’m going to get all dolled up – first Diwali and all!’

‘My parents are going to be happy that I look all ‘bahu-like’. LOL!’

6 diwali away from home

7. ‘I just realized I miss not only my parents, but my aunts-uncles, siblings and cousins too!’

‘They all made Diwali what it is!’

8. ‘My husband better find a way to turn my mood around real fast.’

‘I can feel a major nostalgia wave coming and it’s not looking good!’

8 diwali away from home

9. ‘Oh look, food!’

‘At least some joys are universal! It doesn’t matter which house I am at – food still has the power to change my mood.’

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10. ‘It’s times like these when it really sinks in that I’m married!’

*Dials Home*

10 diwali away from home

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