21 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When Her Boob Size Changes!

21 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When Her Boob Size Changes!
Ever experienced a change in your boob size? Several thoughts run through our mind, right? What would happen to all our bras and what’s the new bra size you should be looking at? What should you wear and what not? Are people really staring at you? Check out these 21 hilarious thoughts every girl has when her breast size increases!

1. “Why do I feel heavy?”

2. “My boobs look different...what just happened?”

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3. “Yayayayay, they can still grow!”

4. “Wait, what happens to my favourite bra now??”

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5. “Oh my god! What happens to all my bras now?!” *freaks out*

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6. “Hey, at least I have a reason to go lingerie shopping!”

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7. “This tank top was never SO tight!”

8. “Maybe I should wear a jacket over it.”

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9. “Are people staring? Seriously? Jerks!”

10. “I wonder how it happened though…”

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11. “...I bet it is all that badam milk!”

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12. “Or is it the beer froth? Oops…”

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13. “So now I have to wear a bra even when I go buy milk? Great!”

14. “Does this mean I’m getting fat?”

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15. “Let’s go for a power jog.”

16. “Okay, no, maybe a slow jog would be better, they might just jiggle!”

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17. “Is it because of sex?”

18. “Hey, look, I have a cleavage now!”

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19. “But do I look weird or sexy?”

20. “This crop top now looks like a bra!”

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21. “But on the brighter side, this large t-shirt looks awesome!”

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