13 Things You’ll Totally Get If Yours Was A Love Marriage!

13 Things You’ll Totally Get If Yours Was A Love Marriage!
‘Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite’, if your sentiments match this quote exactly, let us guess - you had a love marriage? No one can deny that the charm and excitement is unparalleled in a love marriage scenario, and if you have been lucky enough to experience it, well then, get ready to relate to every point in this story!

1. You remember how nervous you were when you had to tell your parents about him!

You were so scared of the bauji wala reaction that poor Simran had to deal with in DDLJ!

1 love marriage

2. Your friends and his friends were rooting for the two of you...

And instantly went ballistic when you guys finally decided to tie the knot!

3. This also led to the most fun run-up to the wedding phase!

It now just seems like a video of happy memories.

3 love marriage

4. You were more excited than nervous to finally solemnize things with your boyfriend.

You remember distinctly thinking, “OMG, this guy is going to be my husband!”

5. The wedding was extra fun because the ladka walas and ladki walas already knew each other and there was no formality there.

Friends and cousins had already met each other and hung out before the wedding.

5 love marriage

6. You look back and smile at how filmy your love story sounds now.

A story for future generations to enjoy, na?

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7. You were a very hands-on bride as things were more casual than formal and traditional.

One of the biggest perks of a love marriage, this!

7 love marriage

8. It felt super weird to start calling his parents mom and dad after referring to them as aunty and uncle for ages.

Still feels kinda weird sometimes, TBH.

9. You and him were involved in all the decisions regarding the wedding.

This made the wedding even more fun and personalized.

9 love marriage

10. The wedding was a beautiful, fun, and happy occasion.

It’s something the two of you had dreamt of for a long time after all.

11. There was more laughter than tears at your wedding.

Because honestly, it didn’t feel like you were “going away”.

11 love marriage

12. Starting to live together was super fun and amusing as hell.

No more sneaking around! Yay!

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13. You love the feeling of taking your boyfriend along everywhere – officially.

Did we say boyfriend? Oops! Husband. *wink*

13 love marriage

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