things you should do before turning 25

25 Things To Do In Your Birthday Week Before You Turn 25!


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Turning 25 is a big deal! There's the obvious, ‘Oh! You're a quarter of a century old’ quips that are sure to come your way. As well as the, ‘So, do you feel like a real adult, now?’ questions! We say ignore those and embrace being the fabulous twenty-five year old that you are! Here's a quick bucket list of things you should do before turning 25!

1. Soak it in!

You only get to be 24 once, so don't be in a rush for your b’day to arrive!

1 things you should do before turning 25

2. Go on a trip down the memory lane

Nothing like a little nostalgia, yeah?!

3. Do something you have never done before

Whatever it may be - the decision is yours!

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4. Plan a big bash!

It's a big birthday after all - you may as well celebrate well!

4 things you should do before turning 25

5. Have your last 'illegal' glass of wine with the parents

After this week it's all about going out, out, out!!

6. Learn how to master at least one really awesome dish

Dinner parties are going to be your new bff!

7. Be cool with spending time on your own

You should take this moment to recognize how far you have come and how awesome you are!

7 things you should do before turning 25

8. Plan a sleepover with your besties

No, you're never too old for that Frienaissance!

9. Get a house plant

Because you're a responsible human and can take care of a small plant!

10. Learn to read again

Believe us, there's nothing like soaking into a good book after a long, long time!

10 things you should do before turning 25

11. Make time for your parents

Suddenly the gap won't feel as long and wide as it used to!

12. Be spontaneous and take a trip!

It could be to the mall, it could be to Agra!

13. Get back in touch with old friends

Because, ‘The older you get the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.’

13 things you should do before turning 25

14. Make an effort to bridge gaps with those who have drifted away

It'll be worth it, believe us!

15. Make an attempt at figuring out what it is you want to do

Even if you don't arrive at an answer.

16. Implement a routine

Just pick a time to sleep and wake up - that's all.

16 things you should do before turning 25

17. Go to the gym twice a week

Hey, it’s for your own health!

18. Get those highlights

They're making a comeback and it's now or never!

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19. Make peace with your eyebrows

Yeah, we know, ‘They're sisters - not twins!!’

19 things you should do before turning 25

20. Ask for that pay raise you’ve been wanting!

Stop beating around the bush and ask for that pay raise already!

21. Let go

Exes, past grudges and failed expectations - life awaits you!

22. Learn a new language

Maybe you’ll meet someone or get a job with this added skill!

22 things you should do before turning 25

23. Accept that people come and go

It's okay if your best friend from grade school doesn't wish you this year.

24. Be thankful for the people you have

5 best friends are better than 800 Instagram followers, really!

25. Figure out YOUR philosophy

Whatever it is that you believe in. It doesn't have to be profound - it just has to work for you!

things you should do before turning 25

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Published on Oct 18, 2016
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