15 Things We've ALL Done In College At Least Once!

15 Things We've ALL Done In College At Least Once!

You may never get your college days back again, but you’ll surely take home some of the best memories and experience the most happening things during that time. Here are 15 things you did in college at least once. (How many of them haven't you done?!)

1. Took an extra writing supplement during the exam just because everyone else did!

It didn’t matter if you didn’t know what you were writing, it just made you feel super cool that time.     1 things you did in college

2. Spent the entire day at the college canteen chilling with your friends...

That place was like your local adda.

3. Hid your marksheet in between your books so that your parents couldn’t find it...

Because if by chance they did, there’d be no more parties for you, young lady!

4. Started studying exactly 1 day before the exam...

And magically expected all the chapters to fit into your head in ONE night. 4 things you did in college

5. Bunked class because you overslept or just weren’t in the mood to attend!

You might have even tried to convince the class to ‘mass bunk’ as well! (Especially when you knew there was a test)

6. In order to fake your friends’ attendance, you had mastered the art of forging their signatures.

‘Coz you knew they’d do the same for you if you weren’t in class. *Wink* Also read: 11 Things College Gives You…Other Than Your Degree!

7. Secretly ate food while the lecture was going on...

Bending your head down, taking a big bite, and coming up again pretending everything’s normal. 7 things you did in college

8. You would often pull your juniors’ legs in the canteen and call them names.

They were your lovable minions, after all.

9. Made your way to the loo just to escape from that boring lecture.

It was even better when you got your bestie to skip class with you too.

10. Tried peeking into your friend’s paper in the exam hall...

Copying sometimes involved sign language, eye contact, chits and writing on rulers and exam boards. You were a damn pro! 10 things you did in college

11. Scribbled on benches and at the back of your notebook during lectures.

Sometimes, when a lecture was on, you would even talk to your bestie by writing out your conversation in each other’s notebook!

12. Planned a day when you would be wearing matching outfits with your besties!

Who cared if it was cheesy or not? It was so much fun!! Also read: Every College Girl In India Will Totally Get *These* 13 Things!

13. Sneaked out of your college hostel even when it was way past your curfew...

Because while you were having fun, you didn’t know you were making memories too. 13 things you did in college

14. Spent hours in the washroom doing your makeup and helping your friends do theirs!

Not to mention that those long gossip sessions in the washrooms were entertaining AF!

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15. Used your cellphone during class...

You knew it could get confiscated, but YOLO! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr