Getting Married? 11 Things To Do With Your Besties First!

Getting Married? 11 Things To Do With Your Besties First!
Marriage is the companionship all women look forward to but, for us girls, it’s not the only one. Many of us have that one bestie or a bunch of besties with whom we have been at our best and our worst, and learnt a thing or two about unconditional love. Before the wedding bells start ringing for you, gather your bestie or your gang of besties for a grand finale full of adventures. Here are 11 things to do with your bestie before you get hitched:

1. Get a complete makeover

Sure you have done that before and so has she but do this together this time. Go for that crazy haircut you wished you had the guts to try. Encourage her to get that naughty piercing she’s always wanted. Rainbow highlights for your hair? Well, why not? Do it all and do it together.

1 things to do with your bestie

2. Go for the road trip/trek that you had always planned

You may never get a chance to do this together again so give it a go while you can. A road trip or a trek, if done right, is the ultimate bonding agent. As you discover stunning places, stumble upon new watering holes, party with complete strangers together you will realize just how much your bestie has shaped who you are.

3. Get identical tattoos

No, this is totally not lame or over the top. Several girls get inked with their better half’s name then why not get identical tattoos with your bestie? Life is unpredictable and there is no knowing where the tide will take each of you. Along with the plethora of memories the tattoos will always remind you of the person who has been there for you through thick and thin.

4. Do an adventure sport together

And better still, do one that addresses a fear. Be it skydiving or bungee jumping, just do it. Take a cue from the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and pick a sport for each other that you know will help overcome a fear. If not with each other then with whom? And don’t chicken out at the last moment!

5. Learn a language together

Remember that time in school when you and your bestie invented a gibberish language to communicate with each other without others having a clue? You have done this before so do this again. Only this time, enroll for an official course to learn an official foreign language. Learning something together strengthens the special bond you already share.

5 things to do with your bestie

6. Take a physical class: martial arts or pole dancing, your call 

Do these seem like activities that are polar opposites of each other? Here’s why they are not, really. Pole dancing requires great deal of balance, strength and quick reflexes and so does martial arts. Plus, strength is sexy and both these types of activities require a great deal of muscle strength and crazy flexibility. Enroll for a class of pole dancing or any form of martial arts and work towards a fitter, sexier, more lethal body, together. If your marriage is just around the bend your fiancé won’t mind either.

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7. Ditch the diet and discover a food trail

Before your wedding, you absolutely have to go on a food trail, be it on a holiday or in our own city. Search the internet and mark the joints that seem most promising. Avoid the generic fine dining places and walk the different path with the best street food places, traditional eateries, the well-kept city secrets and so on. A little research and you are on to a heavenly trail, discovering things together as usual.

8. Go off technology for a day. Together

Aha! So this was unforeseen, wasn’t it? Plan a day together and switch off your phone, email, social media and so on. Ask her to do the same. We are all too busy all the time. Gift your bestie a day where the concentration is all on you two doing fun stuff together as you used to when you were back in school.

9. Shop till you drop and then go for a whole body spa

Is there a bonding activity between two girls as effective as shopping? Probably not. You have shopped voraciously with her before and you will do so in the future as well, but do it again anyway. Shop till you drop and then go for a relaxing spa session. The soothing silence that follows is holy and one that can be shared only with your bestie.

 things to do with your bestie

10. Make a video/photo montage of all your memories

You probably have a whole bunch of memorabilia from the time you guys met to now: childhood birthday party videos to pictures from when you two decided to go Goth. Compile all that to some embarrassingly cheesy boy band number you both once adored and there, you have a work of art that’ll leave you with laughter and happy tears all at the same time.

11. Revisit all your favourite places

College canteen, neighbourhood chaat shop, that favourite bar you frequented on ladies night, the place where she met her crush and you stood on guard - the best memories with your bestie come with places you might not have visited in years. There is no better time than now to make space in your busy schedule and revisit all the places that made you and your bestie the inseparable power team that you are now.

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