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8 AWESOME Things To Do With Your Bestie This Weekend!

8 AWESOME Things To Do With Your Bestie This Weekend!
No matter how many friends we have, we all have that one bestie that we simply cannot live without. They have seen us at our best and and been with us through our worst. Deep down we know that they will be there for us no matter what and will stand up for us even when we act like total weirdos. If you like us are always on the lookout for fun things to do with her because she is your favourite person to hang out with then look no further.  We have the the perfect list of things you can do with her this weekend *just making things easier*

1. Movie marathon

This won’t be too difficult. Slip into your favourite jammies, rustle up some easy snacks and settle in to watch your favourite movies back to back. Drool over all the cute actors and get into heated discussions about your latest celebrity crush. Need we say more? things to do with your bestie

2. Go to the spa together

Body massages, hot steam rooms and hours of gossips! Sounds so relaxing doesn't it? Take a few hours out this weekend and book a spa session for you and your bestie. Nothing is more relaxing, and getting to share it with your bestie makes it even more special. You could also try doing this at home, just slather on some homemade face packs and give each other facials!

3. Attend the POPxo BFF

If you want a super fun day full of fashion, music, contests, styling, beauty and food, then get a hold of your best friend and head on over to the POPxo BFF. It’s a day that celebrates all the things that we as girls love the most and the best part is that it’s *FREE*. There are tons of goodies to be won and you get to watch 16 POPxo super bloggers walk the runway powered by Jabong and Oppo!. Apart from this we also have some amazing brands like Yatra, MyGlamm Instagram, Epigamia, PUMA, and Woo on board and we are dying to have you over! So come have a ball at the POPxo BFF on October 15th, this Saturday at Q’la 12 PM onwards! See you there ;)
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4. Get a tattoo together

Admit it? We have always wanted to get cute tattoos with our best friend. A tattoo that will be a constant reminder of what your friendship with her means to you. So scour the internet for matching tattoos and take her with you to get inked. It’s something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

5. Shop till you drop

Nothing compares to going shopping with your bestie? She knows what looks best on you, and you give each other the best fashion advice. Bonus? You can always borrow what she gets for herself because what's yours is hers and what's hers is definitely yours! *wink* things to do with your bestie

6. Stalk each other's crushes

Admit it, we all secretly stalk boys online, be it a cute celebrity, our ex or our bestie’s ex. We love whiling away our time checking out boys who are totally drool worthy and we have a giant crush on. Because after all you might actually find out something cool about him? Or not! Who knows, either ways it’s a great way to spend time with your bestie!

7. Play makeup

As girls we love playing dress up. So go raid your bestie’s closet pull out her funkiest clothes, have a super fun photo shoot and pretend to walk the runway. After all, we need all the display pictures we can get, right? Dress her up like you would when you were kids, let her do your makeup and click endless selfies! *Pretty pretty* things to do with your bestie

8. Go dancing together

Not just dancing, pick up any hobby that you both like and just go for it. Be it a pottery class, a baking class or even a karate class! It doesn't matter if you are good at it or not, what matters is that you get to share some goofy moments with her. You also get to shoot hilarious pictures of each other. Deets for POPxo BFF Venue: Qla, Near Qutub Minar, Delhi Date: 15th October 2016 Time: 12 p.m to 8 p.m. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW! Get ready for all the awesomeness that awaits you! We promise you a day full of love, laughter and a lot of pretty selfies! This event is powered by Jabong we also have brands like OPPO, Yatra, Jabong, Instagram, Epigamia, PUMA, MyGlamm and Woo Register now.