things not to say during sex

13 Things Guys Say During Sex That Are Total Mood-Killers!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Women find joy in a lot of things physically. Yes, we enjoy sex as much as the next man we meet. You know what we don’t enjoy, though? Some of the mind-boggling things guys say during sex! Take note men, here are 13 things not to say during sex in order to not turn off your woman!

1. 'Let’s keep the TV on.'

Suuure, at least that way I can look at Ryan Gosling instead of you!

1 things not to say during sex

2. 'Wait, my phone’s ringing.'

I am glad you can’t read minds because you wouldn’t like what I just called my head, of course! Attending your phone in the middle of sex is a big big turn off for every woman!

3. 'Do we need to use a condom?'

Ummm, YES. Every single time!! Why are you still asking me this?

3 things not to say during sex

4. 'What’s up with this bra?'

Nothing’s up with this unreasonably expensive bra. What’s up with the struggle? Unhook it already!

5. 'Do you usually take this long to have an orgasm?'

Listen here, as a woman, it’s tough to find the right ingredients to reach our big ‘O’ and this pressure really isn’t helping.

5 things not to say during sex

6. 'I usually prefer bigger boobs.'

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you… But, wait. I'm not sorry! Considering it’s my body and I like it the way it is.

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7. 'You know, my ex used to…'

No. Nope. NO. Get out.

7 things not to say during sex

8. 'I know what I’m doing'

Ummm, that’s great! It’s really fabulous that you know what you are doing but can you just not say it out loud or at least gloat about it after we’re done?

9. 'Are you moaning?'

I suppose I was, yes. You must have done something right - unlike asking this question.

9 things not to say during sex

10. 'I need to leave in, like, 30 minutes.'

I’m sorry, what? Yeah, you might have to reach somewhere or might have time restraints but really? This is when you decide to stress that fact?! Do you not wish to live?

11. 'Unless you want to grab Chinese food after this?'

I do want to grab Chinese food after this but if we could just discuss the menu after a while that would be pretty great!

11 things not to say during sex

12. 'Are you tired already? But you weren't even on top!'

UM, excuse me for being exhausted after having sex? I could have gone for Round 2 but hey , maybe I am too tired.

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13. 'Did you come yet?'

If you have to ask me then the answer is most probably no. But let's not make me say it, yeah?

13 things not to say during sex

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Published on Oct 23, 2016
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