13 Things Introverts Say... And What They Really Mean!

13 Things Introverts Say... And What They Really Mean!
Introverts have it tough. Like for real, not only do we have trouble expressing our emotions as loudly as others, we are often subjected to ridiculous questions and situations which we then need to handle with tact. Ugh. Well, in case you have always wondered whether that sorta shy (but really an introvert) friend of yours really means what she says, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 13 things introverts say...and what we really mean!

1. “Of course you can stay the night!”

What we really mean: “Oh, I will have to cancel my plans to binge watch FRIENDS but sure, I can be a nice and accommodating host!”

1things introverts say

2. “Who all are going?”

What we really mean: “I need to know how many people I don’t know will be there so that I can mentally prepare myself for this evening.”

3. “It’s cool, I’ll eat it anyway.”

What we really mean: “They screwed up my order but I’ll eat this anyway because I really can't have a detailed conversation about this with the staff.”

3 things introverts say

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4. “I will definitely get in touch with him/ her the next time I’m in town.”

What we really mean: “I will never speak to that person on my own but I will say this anyway so that you can stop telling me more things about them.”

5. “The weekend was great.”

What we really mean: “It was totally awesome! I stayed in bed all day and watched TV and I managed to avoid every uncomfortable situation in the world. Life was perfect for two days!”

5 things introverts say

6. “No, I’m not mad.”

What we really mean: “For real, I’m just thinking so I look like I am mad but I haven’t even paid attention to what you said that’s supposed to make me mad. ”

7. “No, seriously, I’m not mad.”

What we really mean: “I wasn’t mad but now that you are constantly bugging me, I am starting to get a bit annoyed!”

7 things introverts say

8. “I have so much stuff to do that day”

What we really mean: “I don’t want to come but saying that is rude so I am giving you a generic socially acceptable excuse.”

9. “Don’t worry, I’ll call a cab.”

What we really mean: “I am not in a mood to make small talk with you the whole way so yeah, I’ll call a cab.”

9 things introverts say

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10. “I’m not bored!”

What we really mean: “This look on my face means I'm ‘observing’. I am totally making fun of all of you inside my head! And that's more entertaining than your conversation.”

11. “I’ll just be back from the washroom.”

What we really mean: “I need time to think and process and take a break from all of this!! And also, I have to pee.”

11 things introverts say

12. “The party was seriously fun!”

What we really mean: “I know you are asking me this because you think I never talk to anyone but just because I am not as loud as you doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good party.”

13. “I take some time to open up but once I do, I’m great!”

What we really mean: “If you ask me ‘Why are you so quiet?’ one more time, I swear to god I will use all my mental energy to hate you for the rest of my life.”

13 things introverts say

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