10 Things Every Girl Secretly Checks Out In A Guy! *Wink*

10 Things Every Girl Secretly Checks Out In A Guy! *Wink*
Okay girls, you know what we are talking about, don’t you? We may not accept it, but there are a few things that we do notice about guys, hoping to get an insight about the kind of person he is. Here are a few things girls notice about guys!!

1. His hair

Nope, we don’t mind the messy look! But we can tell the difference between a messy look and not having shampooed and combed for a week. Just saying!

1 things girls notice

2. What he chooses to wear

Not from a judgy perspective per say, but it goes on to show what kind of a guy he is. Is he one of the long lost gentlemen or he is the fun and goofy kinda guy or is he a simple no nonsense kind of guy… His clothes reveal it all!

3. Where are his eyes dart to

If a guy is looking somewhere near our chest level while talking to us, or rotating his head 180 degrees like a pedestal fan when a girl passes by, then it’s a tata, bye bye, see you never. On the other hand someone who makes decent eye contact comes across to us as confident and, let’s face it, very sexy!

3 things girls notice

4. How does he spend his money?

As much as we do not want to be with someone who is a Scrooge Mc Duck, we also do not find it attractive when a guy squanders money without thought. Being chivalrous and a spendthrift are two different things, and we know the difference.

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5. How does he address people in general?

His superiors, equals and his inferiors - money or position wise. If he smiles and jokes with the waiter, we'll be swooning by the end of the night. Whereas, “Oe chotu, idhar aa” just won't have the same effect.

5 things girls notice

6. How does he smell?

It’s always nice to sit next to someone who smells fresh, right? Also, olfactory senses are supposed to be one of the strongest senses, which means girls are more likely to strike up a conversation with a guy who smells good!

7. How he walks

Sprinting and leaving us to catch up to your marathon run, or slouching like you have a huge burden to carry, isn’t attractive. Confidence and comfort, both can aptly be captured in a man’s walk.

7 things girls notice

8. His smile

A genuine smile never goes unnoticed, and also gives away inattentiveness and disinterest. A smile can turn the whole conversation around dear guys.

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9. How he sits

Is he just sinking all the way into his chair? Is he fidgeting too much? Is he leaning on the table too much? His body language reveals a lot about how interested or nervous he is. And girls pick up on all of this!

9 things girls notice

10. His handshake

There is nothing more reaffirming and attractive than a firm handshake. Firm enough to make a proper grip, and yet not firm enough to give us a fracture - the balance had to be just right! And we'll know if it isn't.

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