The First Time We Used... Chocolate During Foreplay!

The First Time We Used... Chocolate During Foreplay!
My boyfriend of two years and I are always up for trying new things in bed. Probably not crazy, dangerous-to-life kind of things, but we are always adding little experiments here and there to spice things up. So one day, when we were getting a little intimate at my house, we thought it’d be fun to use chocolate during foreplay (the one that he had just bought for me!).

Both of us had heard about chocolate being a big time aphrodisiac. Be it chocolate-dipped strawberries or melted chocolate spilling out of the mouth, it always looks sexy in commercials! Excited and hungry, we ripped open the packing of that chocolate, which had already melted a bit as it had been in room temperature for some time now.


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I took a bite of the chocolate and he kissed me immediately, stealing it from my mouth...while also dropping a bit on my clothes. I ignored the stain that I knew would stay there for a while because it was super sexy! The kiss had been so spontaneous and warm that we wanted more of it, this time without clothes!

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He took a bit of the chocolate and smeared it on my stomach, “Looks like we’ll need a little cleaning here,” he said, first licking and then kissing it away. “Are you feeling left out?” I asked, taking some chocolate on my finger, putting it on his neck and then licking it off with a deep kiss.

Internal chocolate during foreplay

This continued for a while, there was no exposed part of our bodies that did not have chocolate over it. The kissing and licking were real turn-ons and we were definitely enjoying ourselves but when it came down to the actual action, things started to go a bit awry! The remains of the melted chocolate started to dry up and my body became super sticky. Not just sticky enough to get me annoyed but also sticky enough to actually be an hindrance to sex. Every time he touched me, I felt disgusted. It was like someone had smeared honey over my body, let it dry and was removing it with dry paper.

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I tried to keep shut and enjoy the moment but my mind kept wandering to how badly I wanted to just run to the shower. I didn’t know how to tell him that because I had no clue if he was feeling the same way. When I reached a point where I just could not control anymore, I stopped him, “Wait, let’s just end it here.” I said apologetically. “Are you feeling sticky too?” he asked, “Yes! And it’s so bad. You too?” I replied. “Yup, let’s get into the shower before I rip my skin off!” he replied while picking me up and walked towards the bathroom.

There are two things I learned from this experience - first, both of us found out that neither of us like sticky things. Second, just taking a shower together without the sex is pretty fun too. We did give chocolate another chance but this time, we stuck to just the lips!

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