#FashionDiaries: 3 Bra Hacks That Made My Life SO Much Easier! | POPxo

#FashionDiaries: 3 Bra Hacks That Made My Life SO Much Easier!

#FashionDiaries: 3 Bra Hacks That Made My Life SO Much Easier!
There are a bunch of bra hacks out there, but I swear by just three of them. We all face a number of bra problems in our day to day life and these simple hacks have definitely made my life easier. These 3 best bra hacks that I’m going to share with you are firstly, inexpensive, and secondly, immensely helpful. (Thank me later!)

Hack 1: I use a paperclip to turn my bra into a racerback

1 internal best bra hacks After my cousin told me about this trick, I’ve started using it pretty often. No need to buy a new t-back bra, just use a simple paperclip to hold the straps together and you’ll be just fine. The paper clip is tiny, lightweight and causes no discomfort at the back whatsoever.
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Hack 2: I sew the pads of my old bra to a halter top or backless dress

2 internal best bra hacks The sad thing about bras is that no matter how amazing they are, when they get old, they lose their charm. While most girls decide it’s time to throw away their old bras, I reuse them. I cut off the straps and the sidebands, remove the pads and sew them onto my halter tops or backless dresses. To be honest, I’m not too fond of silicon cups. I constantly fear that they might fall off when I least expect them too. Sure, stitching and cutting seems like a lot of effort, but it serves the purpose and makes me feel comfortable in my outfit and skin. It’s a great answer to the ‘what bra do I wear with this?’ problem when it comes to tricky outfits.

Hack 3: I tuck my bra straps into the sides of my bra so that it becomes a tube

3 internal best bra hacks I was once running late for a date and couldn’t find a bra that I could wear with a tube top. In a haste, I decided to tuck my bra straps into the sides of my bra and believe it or not, it was such a good decision! I could flaunt my shoulders without feeling awkward about my bra straps being spotted.   Also read: #FashionDiaries: I Turned My Mom’s Saree Into A Gorgeous Dress! These are my favourite bra hacks and I swear by them! I’d love to know which is your favourite?