Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Couples Who Fought For Each Other!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tales About Couples Who Fought For Each Other!

1. Religion no bar!

Who would’ve thought that a Hindu Brahmin girl like me would fall for a Muslim boy like him? Who would’ve thought that in spite of our different religions, we had actually inherited the same values and education, lived in the same nation, eaten the same kind of food, dressed in a similar way? Maybe if we had known, beforehand, that this would be love, we would’ve stopped… no, not even then. When we decided to get married after three years of dating and told our parents, the whole world turned upside down. Suddenly, two 23 year olds were being followed around, not allowed outside of the house because, obviously, Veer-Zaara is great in the movies but in real life, love was a strong emotion, that should stay in the confines of religion and caste.

Every night when I’d succumb to the emotional abuse of the world, there was just one moment that kept me going. That night when he proposed and I hesitated for a moment, “It’ll be tough,” I told him. “Maybe. But it will definitely be worth it!” he replied.

That look in his eyes made me believe that with this man, it’ll be worth it every single day.1 couples who fought against all odds

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2. Say NO to caste boundaries!

You’d think that for two people with as successful careers as the two of us, and with both of us being at top executive positions in an MNC, we would have little to worry about when we decided to take the plunge. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! We had been seeing each other for around five years and had reached a point in our relationship where we couldn’t be more sure about having found ‘the one’. We understood each other, made each other laugh, and had similar dreams and aspirations. So, when we decided to inform our parents about our relationship, we were sure of getting their approval and blessings. But there was one thing that neither of us had taken into consideration - our castes. Having been brought up in fairly liberal families, both of us were shocked to find out that our families were dead against our marriage simply because he and I belonged to different castes. We begged, we pleaded, we did everything that we could to change their minds about our relationship, but all in vain. We didn’t want to hurt our families any more than we already had, and so we decided to part ways.

It was brutal. I don’t even know how we had managed to spend a whole year apart, no phone calls, no messages. We thought that it would make it easier for us to forget each other. But as you would have guessed, it didn’t. Then one day, he called me up and asked me to meet him at our favourite spot in the city. I wanted to say no, but I couldn’t. I went there, talked for a long time, and got back home. The next day, however, we went to court and got married, in the company of our closest friends!

Our parents were furious, to say the least. But we knew that we were meant to be and families came to realise that too, eventually.

2 couples who fought against all odds

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3. Money vs True love

He didn't belong to a well off family but his heart was made of pure solid gold. My family warned me of having bleak future with him but I knew I couldn't be happier with anyone else.

After all, he brought life into my soul. I found solace in his company and our conversations would often run till the brink of dawn each night. I surely wasn't going to give that up for a materialistic future with a complete stranger that my parents had ‘selected’ for me. Wealth or no wealth, I firmly stood by his side when everyone showed us the door. Sure, money is power, but it can't buy you happiness. For us, what we have is priceless and love has kept us happy. We became a couple who fought against all odds to be together.

3 couples who fought against all odds

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