Dear Hubby-To-Be, 10 Ways You Can Cheer Me Up After The Vidaai!

Dear Hubby-To-Be, 10 Ways You Can Cheer Me Up After The Vidaai!
Weddings are such happy occasions - it is a celebration of dreams coming true and lovers uniting forever! But with all that joy come moments filled with overwhelming emotion - the vidaai. This ceremony is probably the most emotional of these moments! To help us feel a little better about this, here are 10 sweet gestures you can do, dear husband to be, that will lift our mood in no time!

1. Surprise surprise!

Why not surprise us with a framed picture of our family in our new home?! It will be the first thing I will see when I enter our home!

2. Happiness forever!

You could talk to me during the ride home and reassure me that you will live up to each and every one of the expectations and keep me happy forever and ever!

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3. Gift during the journey home

Gifting me something thoughtful during our ride home will be so super romantic. It could be something sentimental that will take my mind off the heaviness of the moment and bring a smile to my face! After all, it's the gesture and the thought that counts!

4. A video of my parents

I would love if you could get my parents to do a video message and play it in the car/ airplane wishing us well in our married life! Seeing them again so soon will make me feel amazing!

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5. Music helps

You could prepare a playlist with all of our favourite songs as a couple and play those for me in the car! The happy memories will surely lighten my mood. Music can heal, you know!

6. Plan the next meeting

You can promise me that the first holiday we will take (post the honeymoon) will be to see my family. That would make me so SO happy!

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7. Sweet notes from the guests

This will make me feel so much better. You could prepare a notebook with messages from all the wedding guests wishing us both a lifetime of happiness! Flipping through this will help me take my mind off the vidaai.

8. From my old home to my new

Yes, I have my favourite stuffed toys - the ones I keep on my bed, always. You can make our new home even more comfy by ensuring that those very toys are on our new bed now. Won’t that be amazing?!

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9. The first-day edit of the wedding video

You could ask the videographer to give you the first-day edit of our wedding video and we both can watch it together! We can bask in the happy memories of the wedding festivities!

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10. Cry it out

Well, sometimes, if nothing helps, I’ll just want to cry it out. You could sit by my side and do just that - some cuddles and kisses would help though!

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