The 13 Stages Of A Telephone Fight With Your Boyfriend!

The 13 Stages Of A Telephone Fight With Your Boyfriend!

We’ve all had relationship problems at least once in our lives, if not more. And for most of us normal people who can’t meet their boyfriends often, phone conversations are the only solution! Check out these 13 stages of a fight we’ve all had with our boyfriends on the phone, at least once!

Stage 1: The beginning

So it starts off pretty normally, you guys are conversing on the phone and enjoying the little moments of laughter when he says something...that does not quite sit well with you. However, you let it pass. After all, you’re talking after a long day but then, there he goes again laughing over what he feels is a “joke,” now you don’t want to rain on his parade...but...and so it begins.

Stage 2: “What did you just say?"

You stop him and ask him, “What is that supposed to mean?” He laughs it off saying, “It was just a joke, love.” “Well, it wasn’t funny,” you reply. He can let it go, he can totally say “Okay” and forget about it but… “I don’t know what is the big deal, it was just a joke” come the words from the other side. Big deal? What’s the big deal? Oh, he’ll know what’s the big deal! 2 stages of a fight

Stage 3: The silence before a storm

So you decide to tell him what’s the “big deal” by not replying to anything he says for at least 10 minutes...but that is not where this ends, this is just the silent storm brewing up on both ends of the phone. Also read: What To Do If You’re Feeling *Unloved* In Your Relationship

Stage 4: Where logic ends

Soon the argument goes from why it was a big deal to why you two are even together when such minor things end up in these huge arguments...honestly, is love supposed to be this way?! 4 stages of a fight

Stage 5: The hang-up

This phase begins when neither of you two understand logic and think it’s best to just hang up the phone and end the argument but the hunger to be proven right has already consumed both of you, so you can’t just stop there.

Stage 6: Making ignorance your bliss

So you secretly hope he calls you even after you very haughtily tell him you would like to not talk for a week at least and when that hope comes true and he does call, you ignore him anyway. 6 stages of a fight

Stage 7: The call back

After a significant amount of time you finally decide it’s time to call back and really end this now... Also read: 10 Things That Are Simply NOT Worth Fighting Over With Him

Stage 8: The beginning returns

...but, of course, the tables have turned and now, he is angry. And while ten minutes ago you were the clear winner, you suddenly see yourself losing the upper hand and the argument goes back to what it was! 8 stages of a fight

Stage 9: Role reversal

Suddenly you are the one apologizing and you don’t even know how that happened!

Stage 10: The blue ticks revenge

So both of you hang up and send each other long texts filled with how it is SO not your fault and when his last message gets delivered and you have read it, and you leave it at that...with those blue ticks letting him know it’s read but there’s not going to be a reply. 10 stages of a fight

Stage 11: The MIA period

Time for some much needed "me" time, so you think and start watching the new movie up on Romedy Now.

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Stage 12: The afterthoughts

Only to have your thoughts wander - maybe it wasn’t that big a deal, life is too short to be fighting and you really do love him! 12 stages of a fight

Stage 13: The apology

As you reach out for your phone, you see he has already messaged, “Let’s forgive and forget?” You realize how silly and adorable you two are and well, it ends there...until, of course, the next time! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr