8 Ways To Get Softer, Prettier Feet - Without A Pedicure!

8 Ways To Get Softer, Prettier Feet - Without A Pedicure!

Did you know that without spending a rupee, you can make your feet look prettier at home?! Pamper them with love and care so that you can wake up to soft, smooth and happy feet every day. So ladies, don’t book that salon appointment just yet. Here are 8 tips for pretty feet that you can try at home!

1. Say Hello To The Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover!

If you’ve been using acetone to remove your nail polish, don’t do it from now on. Acetone is not only harsh on your nails, but also dries out their natural oils as well. Also, try not to leave your nail polish on for too many days. It could decolourize your nails and make them look yellow. Always use a non-acetone nail polish remover as it will strengthen your nails and prevent excessive dryness.

2. Don’t Soak, Just Wash

2 tips for pretty feet

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Soaking can sometimes strip the natural oils from your feet. That’s why you should stick to washing. Every time you come home, remove your shoes and gently wash your feet using a mild soap. It will keep your feet squeaky clean and will also prevent odour and infections.

3. Exfoliate All The Way

Once every week, make the time to exfoliate your feet. It helps remove dead skin cells and makes your skin feel really smooth and baby soft. You can use a pumice stone or a foot file to scrub your feet. After you’re done with your bath, scrub your feet gently and wash them afterwards with lukewarm water.

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4. Always Pat Your Feet Dry

4 tips for pretty feet The golden skincare rule rule to maintain pretty feet is to make sure that they’re clean and sweat-free at all times. Use a clean towel to pat dry and don’t forget to wipe in between your toes. This will help you fight foot odour and prevent bacteria and fungus from forming or spreading.

5. Massage & Moisturize!

For supple and smooth skin, you have to moisturize your feet daily. Gently massage your moisturizer or foot cream onto your feet after you’ve had your bath and before you go to sleep. One way to lock the moisture in is to use moisturizer on your feet and put on socks before you go to bed. And remember to always moisturize when your feet are dry so that the chances of bacterial growth are reduced.   

6. Show Your Nails Some Love

6 tips for pretty feet Don’t clip your toenails too short. This could let bacteria and dirt collect at the side of your nails. For clean under nails, dip a toothbrush into a solution of baking soda and give them a good scrub. This foot care tip helps keep your nails clean, white and healthy.

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7. Eat Your Way To Pretty Feet

If you want stronger nails, you’ve got to make sure that your diet contains good portions of calcium. Dark leafy green veggies, fresh water fish and almonds are rich sources of calcium. Along with keeping your feet healthy, these foods will also improve the texture of your skin and hair.

8. Pick Your Footwear Wisely

8 tips for pretty feet Remember one thing girls, a closed pair of shoes will always protect your feet from dirt and bacteria. Even when you’re at home, always make sure that you’re roaming around the house with your bathroom slippers. It keeps the bacteria away and your feet will continue to remain smooth and soft always! Images: Shutterstock