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7 Essential Skin Care Tips For Your Period Days!

7 Essential Skin Care Tips For Your Period Days!
Those dreaded few days of every month are awful for more reasons than one. But the reason we absolutely abhor those days is because our skin seems to develop a mind of its own, thanks to hormonal fluctuations. How the skin is going to look and feel, before, during and after your period is truly a million dollar question. Fret not, we have skincare tips for you to keep your skin looking its best even though you may not be feeling your best!

1. Keep dryness at bay

Dry skin tends to get drier during these times, all thanks to those annoying hormonal fluctuations. Make sure you use a rich, hydrating cream to stop your skin from looking dull, dry and flaky. Incorporate light weight facial and body oils like Argan oil into your skincare routine to reap the benefits of oils without the stickiness that usually comes with it. And of course, drink a lot of water!

2. Combat oiliness

2 skincare tips - oily skin

Hormones are also responsible for oily skin getting even worse during these times. Prep your skin by using mild exfoliants containing salicylic acid to ensure that your pores remain unclogged and dead skin cells are scrubbed off properly. Using products especially formulated for oily skin would ensure that your skin gets the hydration it needs without being too heavy on the skin.

3. No more dull skin

Massages stimulate blood flow, making your skin soft and radiant. Pick a rich cream or an oil (we love almond oil) and massage it all over your body including your face in an upward circular motion to reap maximum benefits. Finish off with a steam towel or a steamy shower and say hello to plump and radiant skin!

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4. Exfoliate your way to perfect skin

4 skincare tips - exfoliation

Nothing helps you get rid of dull skin like a nice session of exfoliation. Pick your favourite face and body exfoliant and massage your way to shiny smooth skin. The massage will do wonders for cellulite and in dealing with those awful cramps. Too lazy to go through an extra step in your shower? Use exfoliating gloves and voila, you’re scrupulously clean and smooth, all in one go!

5. Watch what you eat

Your skin is the mirror of your health, which is why what you eat is way more important than what you put on your skin. The hormonal ups and downs have resulted in us bingeing on scrumptious fast foods which do little to help our skin. A little treat never hurt anyone, provided the rest of your diet boasts of healthiness. Eating frequent and small meals is the way to go in beating unhealthy cravings. Your skin will thank you for it as well!

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6. Consistency is key

6 skincare tips - skin care routine

Having problem-free skin during your period means taking care of it consistently. Slathering a bunch of products during that one week isn’t going to do wonders or even work for that matter if you're extremely negligent about your overall skincare routine. Pick a routine that suits your lifestyle and skin type and stick to it. One product used consistently over a period of time definitely yields better results than a bunch of them used in a go.

7. Stick to your old, faithful products

Try not experimenting with skin products during your period as the hormonal imbalances can cause the skin to react in a different way than it normally would. Use tried and tested products that you know will work for you and won’t irritate your skin. Slot your beauty experimentation for a later date and your skin will thank you for it!

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