14 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re *Obsessed* With Weddings! | POPxo

14 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re *Obsessed* With Weddings!

14 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re *Obsessed* With Weddings!
The smell of flowers, pretty ornaments, beautiful ceremonies, and romantic pre-wedding shoots – if you love all-things-weddings, it’s most likely that you’re obsessed with weddings! Play some shehnai music in the background (just for effect) and get ready to relate big time!  

1. You have been thinking of your own wedding since you were a little girl

Finding a groom? That’s just a technicality!
1 obsessed with weddings

2. If you happen to get invited to a wedding, you start planning your outfits in your head right away!

This activity may or may not result in shopping (Who are we kidding? It always does!)

3. You find yourself lingering way too long on the POPxo Wedding page

We don’t blame you girl, we really don’t! 3 obsessed with weddings

4. You love watching and reading other love stories

No, it absolutely doesn’t matter that you don’t know the couple from Adam!

5. You shamelessly stalk friends and acquaintances who recently got married

No harm in keeping up with bridal trends now, is there? 5 obsessed with weddings

6. Your bestie and you have a million plans for each other’s shaadis

You cannot wait to play chief bridesmaid! Also read: 10 Unexpected Things No One Tells You About Your Honeymoon!

7. You have an opinion on everything from haath phools to sari pleats

Arey, when else is all that stalking going to come to use?! 7 obsessed with weddings

8. You are mildly obsessed with mehendi designs!

Such intricacy must be appreciated, na?!

9. You love the months from October to February

Officially the ‘wedding season’ in India! 9 obsessed with weddings

10. You love stalking wedding photographers on Instagram!

What a beautiful and culturally rich lives they lead, no?

11. Most people watch TV shows in their spare time, while you watch wedding videos

And secretly well up while watching them! 11 obsessed with weddings

12. You find a new “dream lehenga” almost every other week

You bookmark them on Pinterest, don’t you? Also read: 12 Books EVERY Girl Should Read During Her Courtship Period!

13. You blame Bollywood for your love for all-things-shaadi!

You may or may not have watched Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 200 times. Sings “Bano re bano meri chali sasuraal ko…” in her head. 13 obsessed with weddings

14. You love attending weddings, no matter how big or small

I mean, what’s NOT to love about great food, family bonding, drunken dancing, cute boys, pretty clothes, and the chance to make beautiful memories?! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr