10 Hairstyles Men Like On Women … Test Them Out! *Wink*

10 Hairstyles Men Like On Women … Test Them Out! *Wink*
Dressing up for a date? Want to catch your crush’s eye? Well, we have for you the definitive list of  hairstyles men love on women! Try them to take your glamour quotient up a notch. Get ready to WOW him!

Sexy Hairstyles Men Like On Women

A Sexy Upsweep

1 hairstyles men love

There’s something very sexy about a woman with her hair pulled up to show off her neck. Try this for your next big date night.

Sweet & Short

2 hairstyles men love

A messy bob with an off-shoulder or tube top? Absolutely gorgeous! This is a look that’s sure to drive him crazy!

Wet Waves

3 hairstyles men love

Wet, scrunched, textured waves are oh-so-pretty! This hairstyle will definitely remind him of your romantic beach holiday, won’t it? Try this “just-out-of-the-shower” look next time you’re meeting him.

Two Pretty Braids

4 hairstyles men love

This hairstyle is equal parts sweet and sexy, and it’s so simple to do! We’re very sure your guy is going to love you in these two cute pigtails!

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Soft Curls

5 hairstyles men love

Get your curler out, ladies, because this hairstyle is gorgeous! Soft, flowing curls are pure seduction material.

Flowers In Her Hair

6 hairstyles men love

This is a secret straight out of Meg’s book from Little Women. Want to perk up your look? Just tuck a flower behind your ear. It looks sensual and super sweet at the same time!

Messy Boho Braid

7 hairstyles men love

A messy braid is the ultimate sexy hairstyle. It’s fun, it’s effortless and it looks FAB! It’s actually a lovely way to wear your hair if you want to catch *his* eye.

Side-Swept And Glossy

8 hairstyles men love

This easy, glamorous hairstyle is proven to be a favourite amongst guys. It’s effortlessly stunning and makes you look great!

A Structured Updo

9 hairstyles men love

An updo and pretty braids - this is a look that will lend you an air of instant confidence, which is very attractive to men. It’s clean, smart and charming.

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Wild Curls

10 hairstyles men love

Nothing screams “sexy hair” like tight, wild curls do. If you have naturally curly hair - lucky you! If you don’t, maybe it’s time to bring out that curler?

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