#HeSays: 7 Naughty Gifts EVERY Guy Secretly Wants!

#HeSays: 7 Naughty Gifts EVERY Guy Secretly Wants!
We'll admit it, guys DO like to be pampered occasionally. Especially by the women in our lives - and no, we obviously don't mean the women we're related to. We're not fussy about how our girlfriends decide to make us feel special - but if it's by giving us a present, the naughtier it is the more we love it! So if you’re looking for special gift for your guy, here are some sexy gifts ideas for him that you just can't go wrong with!

1. A To-Do List…Of Sex Adventures!

Trust us, we'll be dying to start checking off things from the list. It's the simplest, sexiest, long-term gift! Definitely not something that will be forgotten easily.

2. The Jumbo Pack Of Condoms

We don't look too deep into the meaning of things. So this is actually as straightforward a gift there is for us. The gift of condoms means you want us to use them with you, of course, and aren't shy about admitting that or even initiating the sex. (And it also gives us hope that you want to use them up at one go - a sex marathon, basically!)

2 sexy gifts for him

3. Handcuffs…Of The Fluffy Variety

To do whatever we would like to with, of course. Including using them on you whenever we want… That's only fair, right?!

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4. A Ring…That Vibrates Down Below!

Hey, a gift for us, but pleasure for us both, right? This one is a win-win, really. Definitely worth every penny!  

4 sexy gifts for him

5. Whipped Cream… On Top Of You!

Who doesn't like themselves some whipped cream? But who gets to have whipped cream served on top of you?! We do! If you would let us, of course.

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6. A ‘31 Days, 31 Positions’ Chart

By positions we mean sex positions, obviously. And can we just say that that would be the BEST. MONTH. EVER!

6 sexy gifts for him

7. A Few NSFW Pictures Of You!

If really isn't at all expensive to make us feel like the happiest person on earth. Just a few super sexy pictures of you can make that happen. We'll even take it in installments!

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