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7 Men Reveal... The One Thing They Want To *Change* About Sex!!

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

We can’t think like a man and we can’t really get into their heads, but here are some confessions from men that’ll help you understand them better! Some men on Whisper share that one thing they wish they could change about sex. Wondering what it could be? Well, read on and you might get some sex tips from these confessions… *Wink*

1. Yeah, we wish for that too!


2. Hello? Who said girls don’t want it as much as you do?! WHO?


3. Hahaha! Life is unfair, there’s nothing you can do...


4. Okay! *This* should be what every man should want...


5. Well, maybe you too have to kiss many frogs before finding your ‘princess’... :P


6. And you shouldn’t be!


7. Hahaha! Every man’s wish ever?


You can read the full thread here.

Ohkay… This was some information! What’s the one thing that you wish you could change about sex?

Images: Whisper
Published on Oct 27, 2016
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