10 Simple Sex Tips For The *Arranged Marriage* Bride!

10 Simple Sex Tips For The *Arranged Marriage* Bride!
You’ve thought about it probably a million times and you can’t wait to get down and dirty with your man…your husband. Sex in an arranged marriage sure has its perks. There’s a whole lot of excitement and a sexual build up that only makes things better in bed. But then again, there is always that awkwardness. Here are 10 all too important sex tips for the “arranged marriage” bride!

1. Don’t rush!

No rule book says that you have to have sex on the first night itself. You want to have a beautiful memory of your first time. Indulge in lovemaking only when the two of you are truly ready for it. And honestly, after those long tiring ceremonies, sex is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

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2. Dress sexy

Because nothing turns him on like sexy lingerie does. And it sure as hell will get you in the mood too! While role playing costumes and crotchless panties may come in a little later, start with the ones that send out a subtle message. Lacy babydolls, satin nighties, seductive red lingerie sets… you’re sure to send him into a frenzy! ;-)

3. Experiments are for later

Hold your horses baby! Start with basic love making before jumping into the world of positions, handcuffs and sex toys. It’s important the two of you know the other’s likes and dislikes in bed. The pleasure points, the no-go zones, the turn me ons. Once you hit home on all of these, you can take it to the next level!

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4. Talk babies

You don’t want to be making babies too soon, perhaps. So, before you get the boat floating, it’s best to have a talk (if you haven’t already) and use precaution and pills accordingly. Do consult your gynae for the same.

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5. Make some noise!

Let him know you’re having a great time and that he’s doing it just right. It’s so essential to tell him how you like it or where you like it best. And it’s a major boost for a man to know that he’s  satisfying his woman to the fullest. A slight pleasurable groan is all it takes to send the message across.

6. A setting so romantic

Sometimes, the right setting can make all the difference. Dim lighting, romantic music, an inviting fragrance… It will only help you both relax and have an uninhibited night ahead.

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7. Make the first move

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. It may take a little while to come to that point but trust us, men love it when a woman is confident in bed. Take charge for a change and see the difference!

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8. Indulge in foreplay

Foreplay can take your sex game from good to ‘Oooh my God’! Touch him where he likes it the most, give him long loving kisses and gently caress each other. Foreplay is important to arouse the body and mind for sex (and lubrication!)…which in turn results in more pleasure!

9. The big ‘O’

A lot of women claim that they fake orgasms. But that’s not such a great thing, right? It’s as important for you to climax as it is for him. If there’s something that’s missing, talk about it. If there’s something that’ll help, do that. Work his fantasies and tell him yours for an intense session in the bed.

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10. Get tested

Arranged marriage or love, getting regular sexual health checkups is crucial for a happy sex life. See a doctor and get all necessary tests done to get clarity on each other’s sexual health. It’s extremely important and you’ll only be glad you did so.

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