Sex Etiquette: 17 Rules *Every* Girl Should Follow!

Sex Etiquette: 17 Rules *Every* Girl Should Follow!
You might have learned table manners and etiquette as a child, but no one tells you about the etiquette one should follow in the bedroom, eh? Ladies, there are certain sex tips that might remain unspoken but should definitely not remain unknown.
Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of 17 things to follow as part of sex etiquette that all girls should know about!

1. One word - Research

Sex is like life - you might not always know what you’re doing! But unlike in life, when it comes to sex, you can actually depend on research. Watch things, read up on little tricks so that when it comes down to the real action, you are on top of things! *wink*

1 sex etiquette

2. Protection before cure

Condoms should be as important a part of your sex life as you are. Never, ever, ever go for sex without condoms. Other than the fact that you might end up pregnant, there are also STDs you need to look out for, that you might not even know about! So yes, while you might have ‘the morning after’ pills, never depend on them and have unprotected sex.
And in case, you do face problems even after you have safe sex, don’t cure yourself on your own or through the internet. Go to a gynaecologist and take proper advice on what your next step should be.

3. Foreplay is important for you!

And if a guy does not understand this then he is not worth it! Foreplay gets you in the mood and your desires in bed are as important as his, so be polite, be nice but make foreplay happen!

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4. Pop a mint before sex!

An extremely important step. Bad breath is such a turn off and there are high chances that you might have it after a long day so to be on the safe side, pop that mint!

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5. Stop faking all your orgasms!

It’s easy, right? Faking your way through life. But is it healthy? To be honest, you don’t need to fake an orgasm every time. If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. No big deal, you don’t need to have an orgasm every time you have sex.

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6. Take a shower after sex

Hygiene is extremely important! So make sure you take a shower after sex to clean yourself. No, we don’t mean run to the bathroom as soon as you are done but make sure you do take one, eventually.

7. Pee before and after

The urge to pee is phenomenal during sex. You are bound to feel it and then you get confused if you want to pee or if you are about to reach climax. To spare yourself the confusion, pee before and after!

7 sex etiquette

8. Cleaning up is for both of you

Passionate moments lead to a messy room. However, remember cleaning up is a two way road. Doesn’t matter if it is your house or his, make sure you help him and vice versa.

9. Learn the art of bedroom communication

It’s different than your regular communication. Your partner will do things you might not like or you might want to try something but are not sure how to approach him regarding that. That’s when bedroom communication comes in! It should ideally be done in a way that is subtle and not offensive. The message has to comfortably go across in a way that the other understands without you having to say too much. Learn a few tricks here!

9 sex etiquette

10. Morning breath is not “Ew”

Yes, we said bad breath is a turn off. Morning breath, however, is just a natural thing that every human being goes through. So don’t turn it into a big deal. If you really have a problem with it, both you and your partner can take a quick stop to wash your face, brush your teeth and get back into action!

11. Skip the multi-tasking

It’s tempting, right? We, women, are so used to and so awesome at multi-tasking that we just can’t do without it. However, in the bedroom, you might want to make this an exception and focus on just one thing at a time.

11 sex etiquette

12. Receive and give #BeingHuman

Easier said than done, we know. But if thou shalt receive then thou shalt give in return. No cheating, ladies!

And yes, we mean oral sex.

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13. Invest in some decent lingerie

No, don’t go around buying a Victoria’s Secret set every time you plan to stay the night with your man but do have some sexy spare lingerie other than your regular cotton ones which often double up as your period panties!

13 sex etiquette

14. Lights will guide you home…

...or at least to your big ‘O’. Keep ‘em on, my friends, let yourself shine!

15. Initiating things is not a no-no

Unlike what the world tells us about men being the first ones making the move while women sit around waiting for them, initiating things in the bedroom is actually a ‘do’ instead of a ‘don’t’! You’d be surprised by the positive effect it has on your sex life!

15 sex etiquette

16. Cut them nails!

You might be into long nails and they do look absolutely amazing on you! But long nails while you are doing it can be quite a hassle. Think about cutting them or at least filing the rough edges for a smooth sail.

17. Enjoy it!

Last but not the least - enjoy it! If you don’t then you are lying not just to your partner but also to yourself and where are the manners in that, eh?

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