10 different Saree Draping Styles To Stand Out At All Those Shaadis!

10 different Saree Draping Styles To Stand Out At All Those Shaadis!
With saree draping styles galore, there are more than a dozen ways for you to wear your regular saree. It’s basically the six yards of fabric for you to play with and bring out your creative side. With designers and Bollywood divas exploring new ideas to wear the same saree, here are 10 saree draping style ideas you can consider to wear to the next wedding and stand out!

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1. Flaunt the front pallu

1 saree draping styles

Image: Shilpa Shetty on Instagram

A front pallu is a great way to break the monotony of the regular saree drape. Contrary to popular belief, a front pallu can actually look really classy, sexy and stylish. Try it out for the next wedding you’re attending, ladies.

2. Dhoti style is in

2 saree draping styles

Image: FDCI on Instagram

Dhoti style of saree draping is really in, especially after Bollywood made this a big trend. You can either get a dhoti style saree pre-stitched and wear it, or gather the six-yard drape in pleats and tuck it in like pants on both ends. Pair it with kolhapuris and a crop top to make a fashion statement!

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3. Belted goodness!

3 saree draping styles

Image: Anamika Khanna on Instagram

Belts are a really easy yet sassy accessory to try on with your sarees. It is the hero of a plain, boring saree. Belts are a great way to bring an element of surprise to your ensemble and make it look well put together.

4. With a ruffled skirt

4 saree draping styles

Image: Jacqueline Fernandez on Instagram

Now this one’s a revolutionary saree draping style you can’t miss! Skirts paired with a dupatta to make it look like a saree, or even a saree draped on top of a plain skirt can look beautiful and girly at the same time! It’s easy to drape and looks really fun and hatke when worn.

5. Short saree

5 saree draping styles

Image: Anavila Misra on Instagram

Move over, full-length sarees! You can now be experimental and drape your saree a few inches above the ankle. What we suggest is a three-fourth length one that finishes right where the calf muscle ends. Give this a try, ladies.   

6. Double the style with two pallus

6 saree draping styles

Image: Rhea Kapoor on Instagram

Double pallu looks great on everyone, and is a nice way to draw some attention to your pallu, especially. If you have a heavy dupatta that matches the saree or even one in a contrast colour, you should try this saree draping style immediately!

7. Sans the petticoat

7 saree draping styles

Image: FDCI on Instagram

Petticoats aren’t a necessity when it comes to draping a saree nowadays. Yes, you can opt for a pair of capris, shorts or a short skirt instead and tuck the pleats in it. You’re sure to make heads turn with this look.

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8. Fancy pants!

8 saree draping styles

Image: Viral Bhayani

Just wear your saree over pants! No, we’re not joking. This look will make a really nice and fuss-free ensemble at a wedding where you have lots of running around to do. This saree draping style is high on glamour, and so comfy. Best of both worlds, we say!

9. Scarf style

9 saree draping styles

Image: Viral Bhayani

You don’t always need to keep your pallu on your shoulder while draping a saree. Just wrap it around your neck like a scarf or a dupatta to give it a contemporary form. Opt for a blouse that doesn’t have too deep a neckline in this case. In fact, you can try pretty bandhgalas with this one, too!

10. Petticoated pleasure

10 saree draping styles

Image: Viral Bhayani

Pictured above, a petticoat worn with a saree in all its glory by designer Anavila who gave it a fashionable makeover. The petticoat isn’t a garment that needs to always hide underneath your saree. Glam up your petticoat - add some shimmer, a pocket or go for one in a bright colour, and embrace a different trend of saree draping this wedding season.
So, tell us, which saree style are you draping for the next wedding?