'Want Them ALL!' 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Sale Season!

'Want Them ALL!' 21 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Sale Season!
Guess what’s our favourite season? SALE season of course!! Yours too? Well, let’s accept that we all love this time when everything is available at discounted prices. Here are 21 thoughts every girl has during sale season... Be prepared to have a goofy smile on your pretty faces as you read them!

1. Sale season has begun. Hmmm...nice. This time I’m gonna be a super smart shopper!

2. No matter how many tempting deals they throw at me, I just won’t buy things that I don’t need!

3. Oh, I just wish all the good stuff doesn’t get sold out before I make it to the store!

3 sale season

4. Please, God, please save some cute shoes and dresses in my size! You know I really need them!

5. Woah...just what I wanted! Perfect design, perfect colour… Damn, it's not in my size! WHY, GOD, WHY???

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6. Oh man! That woman is eyeing this skirt… It isn’t my size and I HATE this colour but let me quickly try it anyway!

7. Let me try that weird shrug too! Maybe it’ll look good on me - it’s pink, I love pink!

7 sale season

8. I hate these never-ending queues outside every damn trial room! I hate queues. I hate people. I hate everyone!!

9. Okay, so there are a zillion people at the billing counter as well! I’m so mad right now.

10. Why does the whole world have to go on a shopping spree at the same time as me?! It’s so crowded everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

11. I’m in love with that maxi dress!! I’m gonna wear it this Saturday with those heels I just bought! WTF?? Fresh Arrival?? Kill me now!

11 sale season

12. Ummm, I don’t really like this top. Wait, 60% off?! I need it, take my money already!

13. I wish I could also buy that blue shirt, but no moneyyy! I want to cry. Why is life so tough?!

14. I’ll go back tomorrow and just buy that damn blue shirt! And all that other stuff that I couldn’t buy today.

15. I can’t believe everything is sold out! So quickly?! Stop being so grumpy about finding my blue shirt, sales lady!

15 sale season

16. I wouldn't have had any regrets if I could have bought that white blazer, but the last piece had just too many lipstick stains! I hate lipstick now.

17. Oh crap! She’s wearing the same dress I bought yesterday! It's fine, it looks better on me anyway.

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18. Damn! I couldn’t go to THAT store this time. Let me go there tomorrow, maybe the sale will still be on!

19. Can’t the sale season go on for like...forever?

19 sale season

20. I’ve spent SO much this time… But that’s okay, I’ve got some really cool stuff! Life is GOOD!

21. I promise I’ll not shop until the next sale season! I promise! Oh, wait, what? Extra 10% discount???

Girls will be girls! :D

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