Dear Fiance, Can We Please Do These Things Before Our Shaadi?

Dear Fiance, Can We Please Do These Things Before Our Shaadi?

Dear Fiancé, Every girl dreams of being wooed in the most romantic ways possible. Even though there can’t be background music in our lives in different situations, romantic Bollywood movies have spoilt us rotten and set the bar for romance really high. And once the wedding date is fixed, we all want to feel important and extremely loved by our fiancé. To make things easier for you, here are 11 romantic things I wish you would do for me before we tie the knot. Take a cue from this. Your lovely wife-to-be.

1. “An extremely romantic proposal, please!”

“Come what may, there’s got to be a super romantic proposal! You could involve my sister, a close cousin maybe and my bestie in planning this. I’ll let them know how I want it to be, so you’ll know too. Also, the moment MUST be clicked beautifully. It’s the most special moment of our lives, after all.” 1 romantic things

2. “We’ve got to spend enough time together during the courtship period. It’s never coming back.”

“We have little time together as a couple that is engaged, soon we both will become husband and wife. This phase of our lives will never come back. Let’s do dinners, parties, lunches, meet friends and enjoy the feeling of introducing each other as ‘my fiancé’!”

3. “How about you planning the perfect pre-wedding shoot?”

“It would be so romantic if you planned our surprise pre-wedding shoot. You could take me to some beautiful location for a day and we could spend some time together away from the hustle bustle. This kind of pampering will make you the most romantic man on the planet!” 3 romantic things

4. “Send me cutesy stuff in couriers!”

“It is not important for us to be in different cities to send each other some couriers. You could send me some small, cutesy gifts - this will make me soooo happy.” Also read: 15 Sweet, Romantic Movies You *Must* Watch With Your Fiance!

5. “Be a part of my family.”

“It is very touching and heart-warming to see my parents and family being loved by you. Seeing you being kind to my family and accepting them as your own will make me such a proud bride-to-be.” 5 romantic things

6. “Some romantic texting in between the wedding madness, perhaps?”

“Don’t forget romance in the middle of all that wedding madness. It usually happens that once the wedding functions start, the bride and groom hardly get to talk to each other because there’s just so much going on! So sending each other aww-dorable texts at such a time will be awesome. And this way even the cold feet can be kept at bay, right?”

7. “We can have our moments during the wedding too.”

“It’s difficult for the bride and groom to spend some time alone during the wedding functions with so many people around all the time. You could maybe make a plan with my sisters and bestie to arrange a quick meeting? We both could go for a short drive and talk about how life is going to change for the best in the next few hours!” 7 romantic things

8. “Send me flowers the morning of the wedding.”

“Send me my favourite flowers the morning of your wedding, won’t you? Put a note with the flowers saying something like, ‘Soon to be Mrs’ or ‘Can’t wait to see you dressed like a bride’. Awwww!” Also read: 9 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Known Your Fiance All Your Life!

9. “Check on me every now and then.”

“Before or after marriage, take care of me and I will take care of you. Check on me every once in a while during wedding prep - if I’ve eaten, if I’m doing fine. I will do the same, baby.” 9 romantic things

10. “Plan a special dance just for me at the sangeet.”

“It will be so sweet of you to dance to a special song just for me at the function! Imagine the hooting and clapping and whistling during this performance on our sangeet!”

11. “Make it a romantic journey till the wedding, and after that too!”

“It is the most beautiful phase of life and it is essential for the both of us to enjoy it. We both will make memories which will last a lifetime. So we’ve got to make the most of this journey from being engaged, to finally becoming husband and wife.” 11 romantic things GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr