11 'First Times' To Treasure With Your Guy (Other Than Sex!)

11 'First Times' To Treasure With Your Guy (Other Than Sex!)
Losing your virginity, in a relationship, doesn't just have to mean the first time you have sexual intercourse! In fact, there are several 'firsts' that happen in relationships that are celebration-worthy! Here are a few relationship first times you should be looking forward to!

1. The First Sleep

Ditching sex for a sleepover in which you two actually sleep... Aah, magic!

1 relationship first times

2. The First Fart

It's more painful to hold them in for the rest of your life, believe me!

3. The First Messy Meal

Okay, enough with the fork and knife - it's pizza for God's sake!!

3 relationship first times

4. The First Holiday

Spending a good amount of time together, day and night, is the best way to figure out if you're a good long term fit!

5. The First 'I'm Sick, Heal Me'

No makeup, no shower, no regrets! Nursing each other back to health is the best way to say I love you (even when you're puking)!

5 relationship first times

6. The First Fight

Phew! It's done, you survived! Here's to the next 840 of them!

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7. The First ILU

Whether it's the three words themselves or a variation - it means something!

7 relationship first times

8. The First Meet The Parents

Okay, this one isn't AS awesome to lose - but at least you can take a deep breath after it has happened!

9. The 'Can You Pass Me Loo Roll'

Letting them know you actually use the toilet is a major, major step towards being in a grown-up relationship!

9 relationship first times

10. The First Future Talk

Him: 'Yeah, I thought we could go there for our honeymoon.'

Me: *Spits out food and then acts cool* 'Yeah, that would be alright!'

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11. The First No-Sex-Please

Boycotting sex to sit around in your pyjamas all day and eat pizza and watch Netflix is one of the laziest and awesomest ways to spend the day (or weekend) with your significant other!

11 relationship first times

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