17 Struggles You've Faced If You Never Really *Got* Maths!

17 Struggles You've Faced If You Never Really *Got* Maths!
There are three categories of people - those who are good at Maths, those who are bad at Maths and those who are absolutely HOPELESS at Maths. We belong to the third category. Oh, you too? Still scared of the word “Maths” because you haven’t forgotten the trauma you faced during your school days due to this annoying subject? Well, you’re not alone. We too hate this subject to the core. Here are 17 things you’ll totally relate to if you’ve spent your school life struggling with Maths!

1. The classroom automatically turned into the Hall of Shame for you during each and every Maths class! No wonder sitting through the Maths period was the most dreaded part of the day for you - throughout your school life!

2. Remember the loud cries of your heart on the days when there were TWO maths periods??? How badly you wished for the Earth to swallow you or your Maths teacher on such sad days!

2 hate maths

3. And let’s not even talk about the days when your Maths teacher used to take away the much-awaited games period for an extra Maths class. Why, wicked woman, why???

4. You used to have MAJOR heart attacks, and panic attacks, and all kinds of attacks whenever the teacher announced a surprise Maths test! You still remember that feeling, don’t you?

4 hate maths

5. You remember shedding tears of joy every single time you heard that your Maths teacher was on leave. Those days are the reason you know what BLISS is!

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6. You never ever aspired to be the top scorer in Maths because… Wait, what?? TOP SCORER??? Hahahahahaha!

6 hate maths

7. Going for Maths tuition was additional torture… And definitely additional humiliation!

8. When the rest of the class got a single digit answer, you used to sit quietly and wonder how you managed to get one with multiple digits!!!

8 hate maths

9. You often (in fact, VERY often) wondered how easy life would have been if there was no subject called Maths!

10. Spending time in the library, sleeping in the medical room and wandering aimlessly in the school corridors were a few of your favorite ways of killing time during the Maths period.

10 hate maths

11. Maths exams were a nightmare. The worst nightmare. You will never forget those sleepless nights and silent cries before and after EVERY Maths exam!

12. This goes without saying that getting passing marks was a struggle… A REAL struggle!!!

12 hate maths

13. Cramming those annoying formulas while cursing the person who invented them was a never-ending process.

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14. No one ever believed you when you said that you REALLY tried hard to understand Maths. Heaven knows you really tried - but it just always went over your head!

14 hate maths

15. EVERY person who’s aware of your existence on this planet knew how terrified you were of this particular subject!! And they used to give you “helpful” tips to improve at it, but you knew that nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing in this world could save you from the wrath of Mathematics!

16. You just could never find enough words to express how choked you felt throughout your school life just because of this stupid subject! A part of your brain was always sad and scared of Maths ALL the time.

16 hate maths

17. Life definitely became better and you ACTUALLY started living life to the fullest when you stepped out of school and left Maths there… Forever!

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