The Agonizing Pains of Being A Girl In Her Late 20s

The Agonizing Pains of Being A Girl In Her Late 20s
If we had a chance to stay on the other side of 25, we’d grab it in a heartbeat. The late twenties can be a challenging time filled with heartache, adulting and deathly hangovers. Sure, there’s something called "ageing gracefully" but let’s be real – it’s not as easy as it sounds. Our late twenties are no cakewalk and that’s exactly what we are addressing today.

1. The constant fear that you are growing old

One pulled muscle and that feeling of despair looms large. Not to mention, those stray white hair cropping up really don’t help the situation. Yes universe, we are ageing. Stop with the signs already!

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2. Why is everyone getting married and having babies?

If you’re single, it just seems like the whole world is getting married. If you’re married you feel left out when your single friends are out there having fun. Either way, when your friends start having babies – that’s when reality hits the hardest. Are we really old enough to be...parents? *gulp*

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3. Why are we all too busy?

Hey time, we know you’re flying. Cool act bro, but maybe like, halt for a while? Why do we never have time for anything in our late 20s? We turned 24 just yesterday – at least that’s how it seems. And suddenly that dreaded 30 is nearer than ever!!

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4. What’s with all these unspoken pressures?

Being in your late twenties is one tough balancing act. There are way too many pressures, however unspoken they may be. And not necessarily the ones you saw coming, like the typical shaadi ones. These are just implied! For instance, if you don’t have a steady job – what are you doing with your life? Are you earning money? Why don’t you take up a secure job? Will you be able to do these hours later in life?


5. Why are we suddenly expected to adult?

From dealing with tough bosses and complicated tax returns to learning how to cook (Maggi doesn’t count apparently) and do laundry, why the hell do we suddenly have to adult? Stop acting funny life, the joke's over, just turn back time already! We just CAN'T adult anymore!

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6. Dating is awkward

Dating in your late twenties is a world apart from dating in your early twenties. Everyone feels like they are kind of on the clock to find "the one". This puts a lot of pressure on relationships. Besides, you’re so much more set in your ways by the time you’re in your late twenties. You don’t have the time to sit and read between the lines. If you’re interested Mr – just be clear. We don’t do teenage drama no more!

7. How are we supposed to meet new people?

By the time you are in your late 20s, your group is sort of fixed. These are the people you grew up with or went to school or college with... And you guys *always* hang out together. It’s a done deal! So if you’re looking to meet someone new, it’s honestly that much harder.

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8. Everyone suffers from Wanderlust!

It’s in this phase of your life that you really want to travel and explore the world. But will you get leave from work? And will you be able to pay rent next month if you do that fancy getaway? And will you be able to manage family responsibilities? Argh! It’s so frustrating. Besides, thanks to social media, it seems like the world is constantly holidaying while you’re stuck here!

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9. Relationships change...

Some of them mature over time, which is a good thing. But some take a torrid turn for the worse. That’s just part and parcel of growing up. There are unspoken issues in friendships and other relationships - but you aren’t children anymore so passive aggressive taunts and screaming matches just won’t do now. Life gets complicated because it’s around our late twenties when we suddenly start to react to things differently. Our perspective changes and so do our reactions. Guess that’s what you really call a metamorphosis!

9 your late twenties

10. "This is not how it was supposed to be!"

No one prepared us for the fact that the best decade of our lives is going to end so soon. Of course we know that our story isn’t over and we have a long, loooong way to go. But it still feels like the end of an era. And often we are not at peace with ourselves because we may have envisioned this phase of our lives differently. You know that saying "what really messes us up is the idea of how things are supposed to be"? It fully applies to this situation. If we are not exactly where we thought we’d end up, we have to deal with feelings of sadness, guilt and failure. And it goes without saying that, that is tough stuff.

Well, the only good news is that a little birdie told us that 30 is the new 20. And good things come to those who embrace change, with good vibes and an open heart. So let’s together forget the woulda, coulda, shouldas and let’s open our minds to the fact that we will look back at our 20s with the fondest memories for the rest of forever.

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