#MyStory: The First Time I Met Him Was… MAGICAL!

#MyStory: The First Time I Met Him Was… MAGICAL!
Saurabh and I worked in the same department but from offices in different cities. He works from Ahmedabad and I from Mumbai. Our interaction started on Business Skype for work and soon we became Facebook and Whatsapp friends. Once we both got to know each other better, this turned into long phone conversations. The more we spoke to each other, the more we realized that we both have a lot in common. Therefore, despite of the distance, we started enjoying each other's company over the phone.  

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Over one such conversation, he mentioned to me that he wanted to meet me in person. And as we began talking about this first meeting, we figured that we had a long weekend off from work in the coming month. He then mentioned that he was planning a trip to Lonavala with his friends during that weekend. This obviously meant that he was going to be around my city. But given that he was going to be holidaying with his friends, I assumed that our meeting wasn’t an option. But he told me that he would definitely take out some time and see me in Mumbai.  

The Saturday morning of that weekend finally arrived and I was both nervous and excited at the same time, to see him in person. I went to receive him at the Mumbai Central Station. Once he arrived, I took him to Marine Drive – I knew about his love for the seashore. To my surprise, this first meeting wasn’t awkward at all.

Internal first meeting

It was a beautiful day – it was raining and since he didn’t have an umbrella, we actually shared mine as we walked along Marine Drive. At one point during our conversation, he held my hand and pulled me close to him. This didn’t bother me at all – in fact, we were very easy and comfy with each other. Time flew past as we walked together and chatted. We both knew this meeting would be a short one. Soon he received a call from his friends saying that they had to leave for Lonavala.

Half-heartedly we decided to make a move from there. Our cab ride till Dadar was a rather quiet one. I was trying very hard not to cry and was avoiding any eye contact with him. And as for him, I don't know if he was in the same mood or was tired but he too remained silent.

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All of a sudden, as I was completely lost in my thoughts, he came close to me and kissed me on my cheek – this is when I burst into tears. It was a bittersweet moment for me. He just put his arm around me and cracked a silly joke to lighten up the mood.  When I finally gave him a goodbye hug, I was about to cry but he pulled my cheek very sweetly and promised that he will be back soon. And once again, I started blushing.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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