#MyStory: I Bunked Tuitions To Meet My Boyfriend And...

#MyStory: I Bunked Tuitions To Meet My Boyfriend And...
“Run fast - you have to reach there on time. You will NEVER bunk tuition again!”

I was panting and was so exhausted! I had bunked tuition to meet my boyfriend that day. For the first time, I realized that love is seriously not as easy as it seems, but it also has the potential to bring out your hidden skills (I discovered I was good at running. I know it sounds funny, but it’s true).

Anupam and I started dating in high school. We were very secretive about our relationship because we couldn’t tell our respective families about us at that time. Going on a date to a public place was a far-fetched dream for us. We could spend time with each other either after school or during our tuitions. In fact, I had asked him to join my tuitions so that we could spend more time together.

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Every day, we used to text each other before our tuition class began- “Wait for me there. We’ll go together from there.” ‘There’ was street near our tuition which was also known as Lovers’ Point. Everything was going good between us. We were madly in love with each other and even spoke about a beautiful future together. However, what bothered me often was the thought of how my dad would react the day he got to know about us (my mother, on the other hand, knew about Anupam and me). We both decided to tell our families only when the time was right, since we were in school and wanted to wait for some more time to pass before we told them. Anupam would always cheer me up by saying that he would convince both our families and that we would definitely be together. I believed him and knew that we would win our parents’ approval in time to come.

Internal bunked tuition to meet my boyfriend

One day, my mother mentioned to me that my dad would be coming home late from work that day as he had an office party to attend. I got excited upon hearing that because it meant that I could be with Anupam without any time constraints that day! I guess she sensed that I was up to something and said to me, “The day your father will come to know about your relationship, we’ll both have to pack our bags and leave this place. Be careful, beta.” But I had already decided - the plan was to bunk tuitions and spend the entire evening with Anupam. I called him up and told him that we would meet and go for a walk together.

As per our plan, he was waiting for me near my house. We both started walking. He was walking on other side of the road and I texted him to say that he should follow me at the turn. He did exactly as I told him. He joined me soon and we both stopped on that street to talk to each other. We were lost in our own world, walking together, hand in hand. We were just about to come out of that street when I screamed, “Oh no! That’s dad.” He was on his way back home!

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This scared the daylight out of us. The excitement was over in a jiffy! And then, just as I was beginning to panic, the most surprising thing happened - a power cut! It was a divine intervention of sorts! There was a blackout all over, and this gave me the perfect opportunity to run. So before my boyfriend could turn and say something to me, I left him alone and ran as fast as I could. I motivated myself - “Run fast - you have to reach there on time. You will NEVER bunk tuition again!”

I reached my tuition and was panting. And just as I got there the electricity came back. The timing was just perfect. I took my seat in class and fortunately, the teacher hadn’t turned up until then. I heard someone calling out to me. I looked outside and saw my dad. He said, “Beta, I will come at 9 to take you home.” I asked him how he was there so early, to which he replied that he wasn’t feeling too well, and so he left work early that day. I told him to take care, and then he left.

After few minutes, I saw a few missed calls on my phone. It was my boyfriend. I called him and told him that he could come to class now, and that everything is fine. He had some hundreds of questions to ask. Later, however, we both actually laughed about how scared we got and how I disappeared without saying a word to him.

I believe that these little things kept that spark alive between us. It made us realize that we can fight all the bigger odds. It’s been an adventurous journey with Anupam so far, and we have been happily married for last five months now.

And as far as my dad is concerned, he loves my husband a lot and they share a great rapport with each other.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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