#MyStory: I Found My Soulmate... At My Bestie’s Wedding!

#MyStory: I Found My Soulmate... At My Bestie’s Wedding!
Our entire girl gang had travelled to Udaipur to attend my bestie, Niharika’s wedding. She was the first one in our group to tie the knot and we were all too excited to be a part of the celebrations. And when we heard that it was going to be a destination wedding, we were like hell yeah, bring it on! The prospects of setting me up (the only single one in our group) with the groom’s hottest friend, was something all my friends were looking forward to. After our short flight from Delhi, we finally arrived with all our baggage, which was full of fancy Indian wear, makeup and jewellery for the grand wedding. We quickly settled into our hotel suite, where the five of us were staying and changed into our customized “Girl Squad” pink T-shirts and headed out to explore the resort.

We strolled around excitedly and suddenly all of us had our eyes fixated on this one extraordinarily cute guy who was sitting by the pool with his group, wearing T-shirts that read “My Bro Is Getting Hitched.” He was so cute that we didn’t even give the other guys who were with him, a second look! This guy looked like a Greek God! This is when my friends started planning ways to set me up with this guy. We decided to continue our stroll, and not draw anymore attention on ourselves as we had shamelessly smirked and stared at the guy. I’m pretty sure that they saw us too.

Soon it was time to get dressed for the engagement that night. I looked at myself in the mirror - I put on a rose gold sexy lehenga, red lipstick and voila, I was ready to woo him! After Niharika and Rohan exchanged rings, we all hit the dance floor. The cute guy came and started dancing close to me and then offered to get me a drink. I had butterflies in my tummy, I had already imagined how cute our kids would be. After having waited for him for twenty minutes, I turned to find him chatting with two other girls at the bar with no sign of my drink. I downed two vodka shots with my girlfriends and got back at the dance floor. Soon after, the cute guy was back, and now dancing with another girl. I was quite annoyed but continued to have a good time with my friends, who were watching him too. While I was dancing, I noticed this other guy standing by the bar, and we exchanged glances every now and then. I’ll admit it - I was a tad bit drawn to him.

Internal found my future husband

The next morning I woke up in my bed with a throbbing headache, and no memory of how I got back to my suite. I dragged myself out of bed and asked Anisha (the only friend who wasn’t hungover), how I had ended up tucked in bed. She told me that some guy had very sweetly carried me back, made me some lemon water at 5 in the morning and tucked me in bed. While my friends had no idea who he was, my gut said it was the guy from the bar.

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Having nursed our hangovers, we all got dressed for the wedding night. I desperately searched for this guy, to clear my doubts and thank him for looking out for me. Finally, he walked in with the baraat and I coyly walked up to him. He introduced himself as Nishchay and he was the groom’s cousin. After I thanked him for the previous night, we both got talking and without realizing, we continued talking all night long, as the ceremonies carried on simultaneously. He was extremely shy, but we both couldn’t stop talking to each other and had so much to share. By the end of the night, I realized that I hadn’t spent a minute with my girls and I felt strongly attracted to this guy. He was smart, caring and well spoken, composed and respectful - the perfect gentleman in my opinion.

We exchanged numbers that night and he requested a flight seat next to mine on our way back to Delhi. It felt like I’d known him forever. What happened next?

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Long story short, we started talking a lot, went on dates, hung out with each others’ family and friends and in a matter of six months, he made the big marriage proposal to me. So yes, I found my knight in shining shoes and a blue tuxedo at my bestie’s wedding in this overly dramatic way! So sometimes, love isn’t the cute guy, the extrovert, or the heartthrob - sometimes it’s a chance encounter, a caring gesture, an interesting conversation, that can turn into a life-long partnership.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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