#ShaadiDiaries: How We Planned Our Dream “Save The Date” Shoot!

#ShaadiDiaries: How We Planned Our Dream “Save The Date” Shoot!
A  life + style blogger, a Bollywood addict, a home baker, an army brat who loves Indian weddings and a true Punjabi, Devina from Guilty Bytes is all set to get married this November. And the pretty bride-to-be will be sharing all the little details of her bridal journey with us! Here’s the fifth post from her #ShaadiDiaries. Click here for the previous post on her pre bridal treatments and fitness regimen.  

Remember how I let go off a usual pre-wedding shoot for a tryst with my BFFs? Well, my fiancé and I had always wanted to do a couple photo shoot and send out save the dates. We did meticulous planning in a week’s time for the shoot that features our “military love” and a picnic date showcasing us just how we are! I’ll also be sharing some tips and insights for all the soon-to-be married couples who are planning a pre-wedding shoot.

1 couple photo shoot

THEME 1: Military Love

He is the handsome young man in uniform who proudly serves the forces. I on the other hand have been an Army BRAT (born, raised and transferred) all my life. Rich in pomp and often filled with pageantry, a military themed photo shoot helped us capture captivating, classy and timeless images.

2 couple photo shoot

3 couple photo shoot

4 couple photo shoot

5 couple photo shoot

6 couple photo shoot

THEME 2: Our Day Out!

Picnics are a great way to add fun and quirk in a couple shoot. Having a picnic themed shoot is great as you can add several other elements and props to reflect each other’s personality. He is a voracious reader and I am a dreamy soul and that’s why we took photos of us reading, being playful and enjoying each other’s company.

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Pre-wedding shoots are a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera together, as a couple. While we may master the art of taking selfies, a pre-wedding shoot helps create that chemistry and makes you aware of each other’s best poses, angles and more.

7 couple photo shoot

8 couple photo shoot

9 couple photo shoot

10 couple photo shoot

Work on the theme

A creatively themed shoot does not mean endless expenditures. It displays the couple’s personalities in a fun way.  As a couple, you should really decide on a theme rather than finding locations and outfits to wear. Couples that are the filmy sort can do a Bollywood themed shoot by recreating some of their fav film posters. Some couples love all things luxury and they should totally shoot wearing grand outfits in a fancy hotel or in a luxury vintage car to create the desired ambience. Find your "couple theme" that defines the two of you as a pair and not as individuals.

Meet the photographer

Once you have finalized the theme, work on finalizing your photographer. This is an extremely important step and you must not blindly trust anyone for the shoot. Spend some time with your photographer to brainstorm the theme, locations, outfit colours etc. Also, don’t rush into buying a package; instead weigh your options well. For say, you may not need a video ‘save the date’, instead just some good photos put together. You can later put your photos into a moving film using mobile apps like Flipagram. Do go through their work, understand their style and see if they fit your vision.

How to do the location right

Save the dates introduce you as a couple to your guests and it’s imperative to shortlist a location that offers great lighting, a good looking backdrop and more. Take your photographer’s help and check on locations, permissions required, logistics involved, etc. I shortlisted a park that offered lots of greenery to create a picnic-like environment for the outdoor shoot. We didn’t need permission it and it was free of cost. Fancy hotel lobbies and swimming pools may not be required if you have the right theme in mind. You can totally save here and scout for outdoor locations that have a great setup or monuments that testify the passage of time. Locations like your own terrace garden or farmhouses are a great fuss-free option too. Do remember that it’s not just the location that creates the magic. I have noticed some shoots where it’s not so much about the couple, and more about the location or the scenic beauty of the place.

Makeup and outfit

As a beauty and fashion blogger, the only advice I can give you is to get your makeup done at a salon if you’re not good at doing it yourself. Do carry a face powder and a lip gloss for touch-ups. Even though I am used to shooting outdoors, with Jitesh it was a different experience and that meant a lot more time was spent to get our shots right as a couple. As a result I had to re-touch my makeup time and again. Plan your outfits in advance and see if you want to coordinate or wear colours that work together. Your photographer isn’t your stylist but they can help you with colour themes. Work on your outfits in advance because it’s how you look that will make or break the shoot.

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Let go and have fun!

Let go and don’t worry about how you are looking in the photos when you start. Focus on having a good time together, work on your poses and celebrate the good times! Jitesh and I met after 2 months when we did this shoot and all we did was giggle, smile, laugh and notice things about each other that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Experiment with both posed and candid shots and let your photographer take the call.

Last tips!

Don’t invest heavily in your outfits. Wear what is comfortable and rehash outfits from your wardrobe with newer accessories. Forgo expensive locations and work on a theme-based photo shoot that can range between fun, Bollywood, travel, retro and more. You can give an MUA a pass if you have to plan your budgets well. Lastly, don’t get all the pre-wedding photos printed (get the soft copies and print only your favourite ones). This will help in saving cost to a great extent.

Remember to have fun with him and make endless memories!

Images: Megha Jain, Sunflare Art House

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