10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Travelling!!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Travelling!!
Do you live for long weekends? Does the thought of running away for a trip (however short) fill you with joy? Is your Facebook profile full of posts that say 'If travelling was free, you’d never see me again'!?! Every time somebody asks you what would you like as a birthday present are you secretly thinking “plane tickets, please!”. If yes, then we are sorry to tell you that you have been bitten by the wanderlust bug. Which is actually a great thing! Because being a travel freak is the absolute best! Here are a list of things that you will totally get if you love to travel as much as we do!

1. To do travel list

Your to do list is not full of chores, it’s actually full of places that you are dying to see. Not just that, you probably know the weather forecast, the cuisine and have the travel itinerary ready for each of these destinations. Also you are always up for doling out great travel advice.

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2. The daredevil 

Your love for travel knows no bounds. For you travelling is the best form of unwinding and a total stress buster! While you love planning trips with your besties, there are also times when you are a total daredevil and go off on solo trips. Because you are always up for an impromptu trip - you simply pack your bags and hop on the first bus/train/plane out of the city.

3. Penny penny makes a trip

People might tease you for being a miser but they have no idea that you are too busy saving up for a trip to the Andamans to care. You would rather cut back on some luxuries than forgo your next vacay - because for you travel is the ultimate luxury!

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4. Eye for the best deals

Travel blogs and travel anecdotes are your daily jam. You start your day with them and end it with them. Well to be honest, you stalk travel websites like people stalk celebs. Which is probably why you are a pro at finding the best deals. Speaking of deals, Yatra has some of the best deals going - so log on to book your next trip.

5. Travel tattooooo

As crazy as it sounds to others, you not only love collecting souvenirs from the places that you have visited but you are also dying to get cute little travel related tattoos - they are like little souvenirs etched in ink. You daydream about getting a tiny paper aeroplane on your ankle or a palm tree that reminds you of the beach.

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6. The compatibility test

You have created this ‘travel-compatibility-test’ in your head. It’s your own version of a checklist and only after people tick enough boxes do you bother befriending them. This list is also the first thing you think of before you start dating someone. Because boo better love to travel!

7. Window seat is bae!

You may be a totally chill traveller but there is one thing that you simply CANNOT compromise on while travelling. The window seat! You make sure to check-in way in advance to get that prized seat. Thanks to Yatra, web check-ins are super easy now! After all it is that coveted seat that gets you those stunning aerial shots.  

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8. Withdrawal symptoms

You are happiest when on vacay. For you exploring the natural beauty of a new place is pure bliss. And once you are back in the city and stuck in insane traffic jams, you can’t help but experience withdrawal symptoms. You desperately long for your next trip.

9. Long weekend goals

At the start of every new month, you sit down and have a good look at the calendar, mark the long weekends and plan possible trips. You even make sure to go to work no matter how unwell you are so that you can use your sick leaves to extend the weekend. Now thanks to Yatra, planning is so much easier and we get to choose from great holiday packages that are totally worth the money!

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10. The storyteller

Crazy is as crazy does. You are the first one to share all the crazy adventures you have been on. Your friends can’t get enough of your entertaining travel tales and you totally love all the attention, it makes you feel like a superstar.

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